Every Great Story Has a Genesis

Genesis Builders Group specializes in both land development and home building. This model enables us to provide an enhanced level of consumer choice and quality control in the new homes we build, because we plan and manage every facet of the new home experience—from community design through to home construction, post-possession service, and home sales. We are fueled by seeing our neighbourhoods come to life with homes and families, and we are proud of the lasting legacy we’re building in Calgary and Airdrie.

Our focus is twofold, but our vision is singular: enrich lives through inspired homes and communities.

Land Development

Founded in 1991, Genesis Builders Group/Land Development has grown to become one of Western Canada’s premier development corporations, with more than $500 million in assets. Judicious acquisition and careful planning have helped us transform land into vibrant, diverse communities where people of all backgrounds can put down roots and flourish.

We are very selective in the land we choose. The ultimate goal is always to create lively, thriving communities away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet with urban amenities and access to shopping, entertainment, schools, and regional transportation. Townhomesand a variety of other types are available throughout Calgary and Airdrie.

Residents are also provided with recreational amenities, thanks to an investment in a 225,000-square-foot recreation centre near our northeast Calgary communities. We, therefore, support our clients’ health and well-being and enable access to fitness, recreation, and cultural resources. Genesis Place Recreation Centre in Airdrie includes state-of-the-art amenities, including two NHL-size ice rinks, two soccer fields, an indoor track, two gymnasiums, and multiple pools.

Genesis engages in careful planning before any construction begins. A plot plan is created first, showing the orientation and location of a home in a scaled-down drawing. You’ll see how far it is from the structure to the front, back, and side property lines. The drawing also accounts for set-backs required by municipal law.

Home Construction

As developers and builders, our mission is to dream, to design, and to build—creating inspired communities, one home, one family, and one neighbourhood at a time. For over a decade, we’ve done this by staying true to our values of building relationships, taking pride in our work, having the passion to dream big, and conducting ourselves with the utmost integrity in every facet of our business.

As we do in the early development phases, we stick to proven processes during construction. Architectural controls vary with each lot, but we use them to place homes on lots, view the mass of exterior elevations and exterior design details, and select and manage materials, colours, and designs. These controls help us conform to the overall development concept and manage architectural revisions and how designs are approved.

Acceptable construction delays can be expected. They’re often due to weather, inspection requirements, change orders, and coordination. We manage the entire process, from design to real estate sales and closing, and we have a well-defined building process we stick to with every property. Once house placement, exterior design details, and enforced guidelines are accounted for, we move forward with our 5-step building process, which includes:

  • Excavation and Foundation
  • Framing and Lockup
  • Insulation/Drywall
  • Finishing Interiors and Exteriors
  • Pre-Possession to Possession

Quality control is a major aspect of how our company functions. Genesis is an extremely thorough home builder and conducts inspections at various stages of the construction process. An inspection is completed upon the conclusion of each construction stage, so we can ensure everyone on the job meets expectations.

We even include the homeowner in the building process. Customers can schedule visits to their properties as they are being built, and each visit is managed by a company representative to ensure safety. It allows you to see how your home is progressing. Customers also have an extensive choice of properties and features to ensure they are satisfied with their investments and that diverse communities can be developed.

All of your requirements are accounted for from the start of the process. We help you choose a property based on its location, community, and availability of emergency services and transit infrastructures. Our vision of the completed neighbourhood is factored in at all stages, as are architectural controls and planned development in surrounding communities. Genesis is committed to helping customers see the advantages of owning new homes.

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