Home Building in Calgary and Airdrie

Building your home is a complex process that starts with a plan on paper and ends with a beautiful structure that you’ll be proud to call your own. The process of building new homes consists of five main stages:

Stage 1 – Excavation and Foundation

At this point, your Calgary or Airdrie home is staked out and the land is prepared for construction. Excavation is completed at this time (the removal of topsoil for construction), and concrete slabs, which will support the foundation walls, are formed and poured. Utilities like water, electricity, telephone, and cable might be brought in as well.

Home Building in Calgary

The walls of the foundation will be erected, insulated, and damp-proofed. Weeping tiles are installed, which drain ground moisture away from the home. A municipal inspection will be completed before the perimeter is filled as well.

Stage 2 – Framing and Lock-Up

At this phase of the development, exterior walls are framed and covered in exterior sheathing. The framework is built on the floor, one wall at a time, and then lifted into place. Roof trusses will also be brought in at this time and installed by the home builder as quickly as possible to prevent accidental damage as work progresses on the lower areas of your Airdrie or Calgary home.

The windows and doors will be installed, as well as the basement floor. Rough-ins are completed for electrical and plumbing services and the ductwork for HVAC is also installed.

Stage 3 – Insulation/Drywall

The key to the next couple of phases of construction is proper scheduling, as a great deal of work happens during this time period. At this point, insulation of the exterior walls and roof will be done, with a vapour barrier applied (to keep out moisture). Another municipal inspection will be completed as well, and then drywall will be installed.

Stage 4 – Finishing Interiors and Exteriors

The heating and cooling systems—including fireplaces—oftownhomes, front attached, side by side, or other structures will be installed at this point. The walls and ceilings of the home are painted, flooring is laid, and the bathroom cabinets are installed. Final interior touches are completed: plumbing and electrical finishes are installed, trim is applied, and doors are hung.

The exteriors are finished at this phase as well; siding is applied, eaves troughing is installed, and porches/decks are built. Before the exterior and interior walls and ceilings are sealed, all electrical, telephone, and cable wiring will be installed. Ethernet wiring will be added as needed. Contractors will add plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, and insulation as well. The final lot grading will be complete, and the driveway and walkways will be poured.

Stage 5 – Pre-Possession to Possession

At this stage, finishing touches and clean-up will be done. With Genesis, you’ll do a walk-through of your home, which is perhaps the most exciting part since you’ll get to see it for the first time. This is your opportunity to get anything fixed up or sorted out before you take possession.

During the post-construction phases, the house will be painted, and fixtures, cabinetry, and furnishings will be delivered and installed. It is at this point that appliances will be set up and interior decoration will be completed.

Approximately 35 days prior to possession, you’ll receive a possession letter and you’ll have a short to-do list before move-in day. On the date of possession, you’ll be handed the keys—the home is now yours!

If you’re not familiar with some of the lingo we’ve used, check out our Construction Glossary.

Quality Checks

All new homes in Calgary or Airdrie constructed by Genesis undergo a rigorous schedule of quality control. Because we want you to be satisfied and proud of your home, we conduct thorough inspections throughout the construction process and at the completion of each construction stage. This helps ensure home sales go smoothly and our clients are satisfied.


Watching your home come to life is an exciting opportunity. As a Calgary or Airdrie homeowner, you’ll want to see the progress of the house. At Genesis, we advise all our customers to schedule these visits through a Genesis representative. This ensures there are no safety and liability concerns while still allowing you to see the progress of each construction stage leading to real estate sales.

Overseeing the Entire Home Building Process

Entire Home Building Process

Genesis Builders Group has established a highly organized and efficient way to build new homes. Our subcontractors handle the framing, roofing, and other aspects of the process. We also maintain safety at all levels. Clients can walk through the property at any phase, given the approval of site supervisors. The supervisor assigned to your home under construction in Calgary or Airdrie will contact you to schedule visits.

We also adhere to local regulations, such as architectural controls. Developers often establish rules on homes placement on lots, exterior design details, the colours and materials used, and exterior elevations. The guidelines may differ from one lot to another.

Our teams are well equipped and trained and work to complete construction projects on time with minimal delays. However, delays do occur for many reasons. Extreme cold, wet weather, delays in building/gas/electrical inspections, and change orders can push back the completion date. Coordination delays between suppliers and contractors for different aspects of home building can as well.

From design to building new homes, to real estate sales, Genesis works towards a smooth and painless closing for homebuyers in Calgary and Airdrie. Call (403) 265-8079 for information or to get started today!