Now that you’ve picked the perfect floor plan, it’s time for the fun part: finalizing your interior selections. There are two ways to do this: For an expedited process, you can choose from the available palettes, which have been expertly curated by our interior design team.  Alternatively, if you’ve opted to have a deeper involvement in the selections process, keep reading.


The first step to assembling your perfect kitchen is selecting appliances, such as your fridge, range, microwave oven and dishwasher. It’s necessary to do this before planning other key elements of the kitchen, like cabinetry and countertops. You’ll be asked to book an appointment with our appliance specialists, whose expert staff is available throughout the week, including evenings and weekends, to help you make your choices.


Once you’ve selected your appliances, it’s time to think about plumbing. In this phase, you will choose such everyday parts and pieces as sinks, faucets, tubs and showers.


Cabinetry is the cornerstone of a kitchen’s décor; the colours and styles you select will set the tone for your home, influencing a whole range of other decisions related to flooring, walls, counters and beyond. Of course, cabinetry and drawers are also highly functional: Soon they will store your pots, pans, plates and more.


You’ve chosen your cabinetry, so now you can select the countertops that best complement it. Once you decide on the colour and style for your countertops, the palette for your kitchen will really start to come together.


Whether you’re seeking the latest home theatre, a video game shrine or an interactive intercom, our customized structured wiring makes it all possible.

The Details

With the bulk of the major décor selections behind you, it’s time to meet with our supplier to select interior finishing details: doors, baseboards, casings, and bath and door hardware.


Interior railings aren’t merely for safety; they’re an important feature in establishing the unique character of your new home. Our suppliers have a vast selection of styles and materials, from traditional wood to contemporary iron—and everything in between.

Flooring & Paint

You’ve selected the cabinets, countertops, finishing materials and hardware, so now it’s time to tie it all together and bring your vision to life. At this stage, you’ll choose your flooring—from options including plush carpets, hardwood, laminate, and ceramic and porcelain tiles—as well as paint colours and trim for your walls.


Lighting is about more than illuminating a space; it’s about setting a mood and creating an ambience. You’ll have the opportunity to select a lighting package that has been created by one of our interior designers, or, if you prefer, you can develop a unique lighting look of your own.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Interior Selections Department