Home Maintenance Tips for the Summer

Buying a new home is a thrilling experience, but, without proper maintenance, a home won’t retain its newness for long. The summer is the best time to maintain a house. Home builders in Calgarygo to painstaking lengths to build quality properties, but there still may be things to fix up and, certainly, there are tasks to ensure your home is safe inside and out.

Whether you buy a home or build one from scratch, maintenance should never be avoided. The summer is the best time for you to do the following.

Clean the Air Conditioner Filter

If your AC is being used frequently, clean the filter every two weeks. Dust that builds up can trigger allergies and respiratory irritation. It can also affect cooling capacity and cause your HVAC system to run less efficiently. Use a vacuum cleaner or remove the filter and wash it with warm water.

Clean the Furnace Filter

You may not think of the furnace much in the summer, but its filter should be cleaned. If the unit has a reusable filter, remove and clean it. Filters with cardboard frames should be replaced. Proper maintenance will ensure you have hot water and that warm air is available in a few months when you’ll need it.

Clean the Gutters

Leaves, insects, and a variety of materials can collect in your gutters, even during the summer. If you haven’t cleaned them in a while, clear out any debris so rainwater can drain. Also, make sure downspouts empty onto street curbs, away from the home. Agents who show homes in Airdrie and other communities don’t want to explain reasons for water damage, which you don’t want to deal with, either.

Inspect the Foundation

Foundations are more prone to damage than most people think. Look for and repair cracks where water can get in. Also, clean any screens or vents that look dirty, to improve air circulation. This prevents excess moisture from building up.

Deep Clean Carpets

Allergens tend to build up in carpets, but a deep cleaning can get rid of most of them. The summer is a great time for your annual deep cleaning; in most places, the weather is generally pleasant, so tracking mud and dirt into the house is less likely.

Tend to Your Yard and Lawn

Houses for sale in Calgary NE, or NW, for example, have a higher curb appeal if their exterior looks good. Clean your driveway, walkways, and patio with a strong blast of water and inspect them for cracks, weeds, or other signs of damage. It’s also a good idea to check any wood structures for deterioration or damage, and replace protruding nails, loose boards, or damaged steps.

backyard with fire pit and chairs

Other Maintenance Tips

New condo builders in Calgary follow a comprehensive process during construction. Summer maintenance, which can preserve their hard work, should also include:

  • Changing smoke detector batteries
  • Checking for leaks
  • Cleaning out your fridge
  • Cleaning your shower head
  • Checking the roof for leaks and loose shingles
  • Cleaning the baseboards
  • Inspecting appliance hoses

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