Q&A: Lisa Kaiser, Project Manager Interior Design

There are many people who make up the fabric of Genesis Builders, so in an effort to introduce you to some of those people, this is the first instalment of the new Q&A segment on our blog. Today you’re going to learn a little about Lisa Kaiser, who is the Project Manager of Interior Design here at Genesis.

Q: Describe your job with Genesis:
As Project Manager for Interior Design, I bring to life all the work done behind the scenes by a talented team. Home buyer wishes, dreams, community lifestyle and concepts go from paper to a 3-D version with my help. I research top-of-mind consumer wants and needs for the design of their home and liaise with our architectural design team. I study upcoming trend forecasts for interior design and see what has lasting appeal, and which items may be “one hit wonders”.  I compile and manage the specification of interior finishes, which involves cost, quality, functionality, style and design buyers want. This forecasting is important as communities and the homes designed for them are planned a year before shovels hit the dirt, so to be relevant and fresh on grand opening day, we need to be on point for interior design.

Q: Where does the design inspiration for each Genesis home come from?
A: It’s deeper than you think. It can start with a favourite colour or element but to truly produce inspiring design is knowing you, understanding you as an individual and on mass, the demographic. Your current lifestyle and needs, your lifestyle goals and aspirations, current interests, trends in the clothing fashion, trends in tech needs and how we use it; how you live, how you work, current emotions around economy and other social situations play a factor in design trends, physical locations—our geography influences our design. Quite simply, the resources for inspiration are infinite.

Q: How do you go about incorporating community features into interior design?
A: There are teams dedicated to planning the community design, researching the types of homes and demographics of people attracted to the lifestyle being captured by the physical space. Our sales centres and homes will have touches of the elements that speak to the community theme, and sometimes incorporating the community theme is as simple as colour choice. A nautical theme calls for soothing, calm tones and hues of blue can be found throughout the show homes, sales centre and any other visual information. In design we can play with other elements like linens, flooring and lighting choices that speak to historically true finishes found in seaside communities. The beauty in this is the fusion of design features that blend the expectation of coastal charms while at the same time celebrating design and style elements true to our prairie landscape and the community the homes are being built in.

Q: What are the most popular home design features in Genesis homes so far this year?
A: Our chef’s kitchen design, which incorporates more open wall space with full height tile to the ceiling and a stainless steel chimney style hood.

Q: What are some of the exciting new design features in Genesis homes this year?
A: It’s all about smart storage and functional spaces. We have introduced laundry centres in optimizing space and function with stacking washer dryer units, a spot for folding, a dedicated spot for the hamper, soap and linen storage and hanging bar for hanging clothes —all in a 5’x4’ space! We have designed a new fireplace detail that is called the entertainment wall, it has taken into careful consideration optimal viewing height for the TV hiding unsightly cords a storage spot for the components a place for art display and all packaged in a contemporary wall feature made to custom fit the home.

Q: What has been your favourite Genesis home project to work on so far, and why?
A: Each project has been unique on to itself and I have favourite elements of them all. My favourite new concept design is the optional main floor layout of the Carlton model that gains a butler pass through in a house under 2,000 sq ft. My favourite sales centre is Newport we made very thoughtful use of the space and showcase an amazing kitchen feature.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from for work?
A: My inspiration comes from travel, studying the past masters of design, keeping current with new design information in trends not only in North America but worldwide.


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