How to Start 2017 with a Clean Home

Starting off a new year with a fresh, clean home is a great way to kick-start 2017! A few cleaning jobs done throughout this month, will get your home on track for a more organized and healthier start to the year.

Here’s some easy ways to deep clean your home in January:

  • De-clutter: start by ditching the stuff you don’t really need anymore. Need some help? Read our blog on de-cluttering for the new year.
  • Go high and low: tackle the really high hard to reach spots like ceiling fans, window edges, etc. and then tackle your baseboards and areas low to the ground. These spots often get overlooked throughout the year so give them a good dusting and scrubbing.
  • Dust: this is one of the most important things to tackle, because dust can mean for nasty allergens that you don’t want around during cold and flu season. Dust everywhere and everything!
  • Freshen your bed: launder your bed linens and freshen up your mattress. While your bed is disassembled, sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress and let it sink in.
  • Clean the cabinets: scrub the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom, both outside and inside.
  • Clean the appliances: your appliances get a lot of work, so they deserve a good cleaning both inside and outside. That means top of the fridge, microwave, etc. Many appliances have self-cleaning modes, so be sure to turn those on for time-savers too.
  • Wash your shower curtains and doors: soap scum gets built up on both shower curtains and shower doors, so give some love to those areas.
  • Freshen your furniture: this month is a great time to pull the cushions off your furniture and give it a good vacuum. Get underneath the cushions, plus the cushions themselves. For an extra clean, take off the covers of the pillows or cushions and give those a wash as well.
  • Refresh the floors: give your floors the immaculate clean they deserve at least once a year. Vacuum, mop and protect (with hardwood).
  • Don’t forget your windows: both the window ledges and window coverings are spots that get overlooked throughout the year, so give them some attention this month.

Another cleaning tip to try this month, opt for natural cleaning products to keep toxins out of the air in your home. A full day of deep cleaning can leave harmful things in the atmosphere of your home.