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Anyone (including individuals who are not previous Genesis Builders Group customers) can recommend a friend or family member to buy a home from Genesis Builders Group;


Your friend or family member, upon completing the purchase and taking possession of their home will receive a $2500 cheque from Genesis Builders Group;


When your friend or family member completes the purchase of their home and takes possession you will receive a cheque for $2500 from Genesis Builders Group.


North West Calgary

North East Calgary



*Promotion begins February 25, 2015.
*Not payable on Realtor assisted sales.
*Cannot be combined with any other special.
*Any public solicitation of this offer will result in the refusal of your referral certificate.
*Certificate needs to be presented at time of sale.

Genesis Builders Group assumes no responsibility for ensuring that any person referring a friend is doing so in compliance with the Real Estate Act or any other applicable laws and regulations and any person referring a friend shall be solely responsible for ensuring compliance therewith, including ensuring that such person is not 'trading' in real estate in breach of the Real Estate Act. Genesis Builders Group will pay a maximum of one referral fee for each buyer. If more than one person refers a buyer, the first person to refer the buyer (and have the buyer confirm referred them) will be entitled to the referral fee. Genesis Builders Group will not be required to pay a referral fee if the buyer was already known to, registered with or entered into discussions or negotiations to buy a home with Genesis Builder Group within the past year. Genesis Builders Group reserves the right to discontinue this referral program at any time without notice and to exclude persons or classes or persons from this referral program in its sole discretion. To be eligible, any person referring a friend will be required to provide such information and documents as Genesis Builders Group may require. Genesis Builders Group will only pay one referral fee per person under this referral program, regardless of how many friends a person may refer. Genesis Builders Group can discontinue this promotion at any time.