Tips for Building a Gym at Home

Did you have a new year’s resolution to be more physically active this year? Many people did, but sometimes the added work involved in getting yourself to the gym can be a bit much, so why not bring a fitness space to your home?

Here’s some simple tips for building an at-home gym:

  • Pick the perfect spot: creating a gym at home doesn’t mean just picking any unused room or space, you want it to be somewhere where you will be able to block out the noises and distractions of the rest of the home. Also, you want to ensure the noise from the home-gym won’t be a nuisance to the rest of the house as well. For example, putting a gym beside a children’s bedroom probably isn’t the best idea if you’re planning late-night workouts.
  • Pick a budget: set aside a budget for the home gym that will include any small renovations needed, equipment, installations, etc. You should always create a budget for any home project like this, it helps you keep your finances on track and avoids over-spending.
  • Add a full-length mirror: this might seem like an uncomfortable suggestion for some, but being able to glance at your form during a workout will significantly reduce your chance of injuries. You can find usually full-length mirrors at your local hardware or furniture store.
  • Understand your objectives: you don’t need to buy a ton of equipment to make an at-home gym functional, so decide what your goals are before you shop. For example, if you’re focused on cardio, you can buy a treadmill or elliptical. If you’re focused on strength, there’s a selection of free weights or weighted machines.
  • Bring in plants: having natural greenery in a workout space will increase the oxygen level and add some life to the space. You may also want to try for some natural light, unless you’re worried about privacy.
  • Invest in the basics: many fitness experts agree that you can’t go wrong with basics like a stability ball, dumbbells and a yoga mat.
  • Look into equipment before you buy: fitness equipment can be very costly, so look into brands and equipment online before you go shopping. You may also want to try asking for recommendations from friends and family.

Have you created a gym at home before? Any tips to share? Please do on Twitter!