What You Need to Know About Bungalows

Semi-detached, detached, row, condo, bungalow? With all the different styles of homes out there, how do you figure out what is right for you? These single-story homes have many benefits to buyers and can be a great investment. Many times, bungalows are overlooked as being too small, or not having the space or separation needed for a family, but there are many benefits to purchasing a bungalow and making it your family home. Here are some bungalow perks to keep in mind:

Property Size

Because bungalows have all of their square-footage over one floor the land space is often larger than that of a two-storey home. Remember when we all realized during this past year that we need more space in our homes, a bungalow gives you more property size that you can utilize to your liking. This makes entertaining a dream, and develops the perfect ‘indoor-outdoor’ space for your lifestyle.

Open Concept

Because of the reduced need for supporting walls, the path to open-concept living is much simpler. Having an open-concept space is often high on the list for many house-hunters, and bungalows often check all the boxes for open-concept living, making these homes perfect for families and entertaining.

Perfect for Families at Any Stage

The floorplan sprawls over one level which gives families at any stage can benefit from a bungalow. If you are just starting your family, this is the perfect floorplan for young children, or are you looking to downsize after raising your family? Bungalows are great for those with reduced mobility.

Flexible for the Future

Because bungalows sprawl across one floor, there are many options for your future. If you are looking to add on to your home to meet the needs of a growing family, a bungalow is a great way to go, it is truly the home that can grow with you.

High-Demand for Resale

Because bungalows are often in such high demand, these homes can be great for resale. With so many great benefits, bungalow style floor plans are often at the top of the list for home-hunter, so if you ever decide to sell your bungalow, it will be in high-demand.

Have we talked you into a bungalow? There is so much to love. We have some great bungalows to show you and we know you will find something you love. Our bungalows are designed with expansive and open floor plans which make for stunning backyard views, perfect for entertaining, or enjoying time with your family. Let us help you find the perfect fit.

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