10 things to know about utilities in Airdrie

Do you live in Airdrie, or are you thinking about moving to this evolving city? If so, you’ll want to have a good understanding of how utilities are handled in Airdrie.

Utility bills from the City of Airdrie cover water, sewer, garbage collection, curbside organics, curbside recycling and environmental services.

To help you get a better understanding of the landscape, here are 10 things you should know about utilities in Airdrie.

  • Airdrie water is purchased from the City of Calgary and pumped into the underground distribution network for Airdrie.
  • For a family of four, the average consumption is 15 cubic metres every four weeks.

A typical bill for a residential account with a 5/8″ water meter using 15 cubic meters of water in 2019 will cost $121.59 every 28 days. [City of Airdrie]

  • If you don’t use any water, there is still a fixed rate you would pay.
  • Environment service fees fund programs like the recycling depot, transfer station and public education programs.
  • You should never pour cooking grease down your drain.

Cooking grease is one of the primary causes of residential pipeline and City sewer main clogs resulting in sewer spills throughout the Airdrie wastewater sewerage area. The spilled sewage eventually reaches rivers, creeks and ponds, causing unsafe conditions and temporary closures. [City of Airdrie]

  • If you are renting out your property in Airdrie, the utilities account must still be in your name.
  • Electricity and gas services are not provided through the City of Airdrie.
  • You can apply for a utility service here.
  • If you switch to a high-efficiency toilet, you could be eligible for a rebate.

Switching out your old toilet will save you money and conserve water. If you change a 20L toilet to a 6L toilet, you will see a decrease of 14L per flush. Multiply this by four flushes per day with four people in the house and you could save 200L of water per day. This adds up to 81,000L per year. This is a cost savings of $282.93 per year. [City of Airdrie]

Interested in learning more about utilities in Airdrie and other City services? Visit the City of Airdrie website.