August Gardening Tips

Many people think that when August hits, the gardening season is over. Many vegetables and flowers have already bloomed and produced by this time of year so it seems like your garden has run its course. Think again! August is the perfect time to decide if you’re up for a second gardening season. There are fall-blooming plants, things to prepare for next year and just enough time to get a second growing season if you’re careful. Here are some tips and tricks for you to consider this August for your garden.

Herb Harvest

If you planted herbs this year, make sure you continue to harvest them regularly. If you continue to care for them and harvest it when it’s young, it will revive better and continue to produce as long as you care for it closely. This ensures the herbs stay young and full of flavour. Fresh herbs all fall long? Yes please!

Plant for Fall/Winter Garden

There are plenty of vegetables and plants that grow very quickly, so plant a second crop of spinach and peas starting in August. Depending on the climate and your gardening area, whether you have a green house or you are dealing with the outdoor elements, there are different plants to consider for a fall garden. There are also certain flowers, like the crocus and colchicum, that will bloom in the fall after only a few weeks in the soil so get those planted right away!

Divide Perennials

You will want to do this while your garden is nice and soft, so find the perennials that are ready for separation and divide them accordingly. They will need a few months in the ground before it freezes so make sure to get them in early, so they get rooted before the winter.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Similar to perennials, trees and shrubs need time to take root in the soil before winter hits. Make sure to get these into the ground early enough so that they are able to develop a root system before the ground freezes over this winter. This will ensure you have a lively tree come next spring.

Prepare for Next Spring

Perhaps you’re feeling tired and you’re not up to planting a second garden this year – that’s ok! There are plenty of things you can do for next year to prepare for spring planting. Start by moving any potted plants you want to preserve indoors; empty the rest and store your pots for next year. Do a final weed of the garden and get rid of any diseased plants so they are unable to affect next year’s crop. Cover your soil in a thick mulch that has a good barrier to keep moisture and nutrients in while keeping weeds and debris out.

Depending on what type of plants you have in your garden, there are always more tips and tricks to keeping them happy and healthy. However, one thing is for certain – make sure to weed and deadhead your plants continuously for a hearty, fruitful gardening season all year.