City of Airdrie is looking for feedback on sports fields

Some may consider Airdrie a small city, which it is compared to many, but did you know that it is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada? People are flocking to this ‘smaller’ city that has all the amenities without the traffic. With new neighbourhoods being developed on all edges of the city, there is constant talk of community development, green spaces and where parks should go. When a city grows as fast as Airdrie has, there needs to be open communication between the residents and their city council so that everyone can help better their city.

The Sports Field Management Plan is a project that will help guide the city staff with identifying future priorities, potential areas of enhancement and improvement for outdoor recreational facilities. This project aims to help share what the people want with the people who get to make the decisions. It focuses on making the development of outdoor rectangular fields, ball diamonds, outdoor courts and rinks used by the public a priority.


The Airdrie city council recognizes that sports and recreation are important to its residents, so this project aims to keep them informed using research input from the following: public and user group engagement, trends and leading practices, population and demographics analysis, current usage, data analysis, benchmarking and facility assessments. Once this research is received, it will be analysed and discussed by City council to identify gaps, areas of need and room for improvement with current facilities. Once these are recognized, the city can move forward with a plan to help improve Airdrie as a whole and build further facilities to meet their needs.


The project is scheduled to be completed later this fall, depending on how much information is collected through the primary research methods. City council knows how much the residents of Airdrie value sports and recreation, so they hope that people will take an interest in providing feedback to better their community. There will be a public forum held on November 8 from 7-9pm in the Bert Church LIVE Theatre Lobby if you are interested in learning more.


If you received a postcard in the mail with an access code, complete the survey here.


If you did not receive a postcard, you can still fill out the survey here.


If you would like to pick up a paper copy of the survey, feel free to pick one up from one of these locations:


  • City Hall Main Reception (400 Main Street SE)
  • Genesis Place Front Desk (800 East Lake Blvd NE)


For any and all information regarding the Sports Field Management Plan, please visit the City of Airdrie website. This survey aims to consider everyone’s opinion, whether you see the need for a new tennis court here or a new hockey rink there. Help Airdrie become a well-rounded city with a strong focus on sports and recreation by submitting your survey.