Custom Couches and Finding the Perfect Coffee Table

Puppy Slip Up

We just got a puppy and I have a white sofa. She sometimes sneaks onto the couch during the day and I can see that it’s already marked. What is the cost of slip-covering and how would I go about this? -Tom, Red Deer

Slip-covering is a wonderful idea to save your existing sofa if you like the look of a slip-cover. Unlike upholstery, a slip-cover has a more loose and casual look. The cost is less than upholstery but you still have to buy the fabric and pay for the labor. The key for your situation is to choose a cleanable fabric that can be thrown into the laundry or dry-cleaned.

Any sewing room will provide you with a quote first. Make sure you ask for the yardage and factor in the cost of the fabric (which they may also supply). If you have something else in mind, bring them a swatch and make sure it’s a suitable choice. Fabrics that are too thin or too thick may not work as a sofa covering. Although I always recommend trying to use local suppliers, if it’s an Ikea sofa, you can always check out BEMZ. They specialize in slip-covers for Ikea pieces only.

Contrary Coffee Tables

Can you suggest some great coffee tables for a modern, rustic interior? I prefer solid wood to anything veneer. It needs to be fairly large as our space is big with high ceilings. -Sandra, Peace River

I will certainly suggest some but you also have the option of having something made. There are lots of wood workers creating pieces from salvaged wood these days. This will give you the flexibility to determine the perfect size for your large space and creating something unique as well. You could try something using chunks of barn beams as the legs and wide planks as the top or contacting Reclaimed Trading Co. (Calgary) who specialize in creating furniture from salvaged wood.

If you’d prefer to order online, look at Restoration Hardware, but keep in mind the exchange rate and shipping charges, which drive the price slightly higher than advertised.


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