Designing Your First Home

Interior design is a priority for most first-time home buyers. The look and function of every room are important to every family member. While the purchase is a milestone, then comes decorating and furnishing it. If you closed on a house in the Redstone community or are looking at new Calgary townhomes, here are some useful tips for getting started.

Paint the house: When decorating a whole house, where to start is the paint. It’s exponentially easier when the home is empty, and furniture does not have to be moved around. Neutral colors, such as off-whites and greys, are most versatile when it comes to compatibility with different interior designs. To add warmness, use paints with undertones of red, brown, tan, or yellow. Cool colors include many greys, blue-green, and blue-violet hues.

Furnish the bedroom: More likely than not, budget constraints prevent you from doing everything at once. Start where you spend the most time—the bedroom. Select furniture and bedding that are most comfortable and affordable, and which aren’t likely to go out of style. The paint can be selected to complement the furnishings in Chestermere new homes. Lighter-colored window treatments are best for early birds. If you like sleeping in, deeper colors to block out the light are better.

first home interior design

Live in the space: When decorating, new home ideas can take time. Your ideas and expectations now may be different from how you ultimately live in the house. It depends on priorities, as well. If entertaining guests is important, focus on improving the kitchen and dining area. To some, an investment in bathroom renovations is important.

Also, certain furnishings may be better off in different rooms. For example, a loveseat may suit the master bedroom equally as well as the living room. It may take a couple of months to decide.

Rugs: Hardwood floors are beautiful, but rugs can add more texture and personality. Natural fibers tend to complement wood floor patterns well. The rug doesn’t have to cover the whole room, so take the time to decide on the best dimensions.

Lighting: Fixture design, accents, and illumination are major interior design considerations. The choices for wall lighting and overhead designs are extensive. The design and luminosity help complement and accent all other aspects of design.

Use secondhand furniture: You can save big time, or not spend at all. Perhaps a local store sells secondhand furniture. Maybe a friend or family member gave you an old couch. Your first instinct to reject it may not be the best option; instead, think about reupholstering it or painting the frame or adding pillows—this is how to furnish a house on a small budget.

How to furnish a house from scratch is often something new for first-time buyers. Genesis Builders Group is experienced at helping young families find the homes of their dreams. To find a home that matches your needs, go to Genesis Builds or call for assistance at (403) 265-8079.