Free parking and local shopping in Calgary

With only two weeks left until the big day, the Christmas season is officially in full swing; the big, fluffy flakes and brightly lit neighbourhoods are helping us get in the mood even quicker. Some of you may have finished your shopping already, but there are still plenty of us who need to grab last minute stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gift exchanges. For all those still looking for that ‘special something,’ we’ve got news for you: Calgary is the place to get it.

As we all know too well, Calgary has suffered great economic strain over the past few years. Therefore, the City of Calgary has launched their #BuyLocalYYC campaign to help stimulate our local economy and show Calgarians that they can truly help make a difference. “The #BuyLocalYYC campaign is aimed at reminding Calgarians they have a huge impact when they support local businesses and entrepreneurs. In the lead up to the holiday shopping season and all year round, Calgarians can help local businesses thrive and grow by spending their money here in the city,” (City of Calgary).

In order to help this initiative succeed even further, the City partnered with the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) to help make your Christmas shopping a little bit easier this holiday season. Calgary Parking Authority’s General Manager Glen Furtado says, “CPA is proud to bring back the Holiday Parking Elves, we love supporting Calgary’s local businesses and communities by brightening shoppers’ days with a free parking session.”

Two reasons you should shop local this holiday season:

  1. Support Your Local Businesses

Most importantly, you can support your fellow neighbours by purchasing your gifts right here in the city. Sure, there is great selection online, and often cheap prices, but the quality isn’t always there. Plus, buying something in person allows you to look it over before you buy it, check out its size and feel the material. Overall, you can help boost our local economy by choosing to buy local this year.

  1. Parking is FREE!

The CPA has continued its tradition of free parking for the ninth year in a row to help encourage locals to shop right here in the city. On December 7 and 14, the volunteer Holiday Parking Elves will be spreading Christmas cheer by walking around and starting as many free two-hour parking sessions as possible in the neighbourhoods of Kensington, 4thStreet, Inglewood and 17thAvenue between the hours of 11am-2pm. Take your lunch break and go check out some of the cool local shops right in your community free of charge.

So, if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, head down to one of these neighbourhoods on December 14 for the final day of free parking. In the new year, remember how you too can make an impact by choosing to buy local and support our fellow economy. If we all work together, we can help bring our city back to its former glory.


Happy holidays!