Home Building Tips for Young Families

Kids bring a whole new awareness to safety concerns, even in the comfort of your own home. From tripping up the stairs, to getting their fingers caught in cupboards to finding ways to get their heads stuck between the banisters – we don’t quite know how they do it all but it takes away so of that stress when you know your home has been designed to function well for your entire family.

You might be thinking – what are the ways I can upgrade my home to make sure my kids are safe when my back is turned? Don’t worry, we put together a list to help you get started. This is a great list to keep on hand if you’re building your new house so that everything is ready to go when you move in!

Extra Storage

Think about space to store all those toys and games so they don’t get left lying on the ground or stuffed in the wrong places. Maybe having a separate area for a playroom where you can store the kid’s stuff. Later on, you can always turn this room into an office or workout space. You might also want to consider all closed storage – it looks cleaner and if necessary you can lock the doors or drawers closed.

A Room to Grow

Your child’s stuff might be small now – a crib and small dresser take up much less room than a double bed, a desk and a second dresser. Think about how much space your kid will need as they grow up.

Mess-Proof Materials

Kids are messy. Period. Having a perfectly white home or a velvet couch are just not an option when you have little ones running around. Think about installing hard countertops such as quartz or granite that are easy to clean. Pick a slightly darker rug, or 2-tone pile to mask stains and spills. Laminate is a better option than hardwood if you’re worried about denting or water-damage. Use a semi-gloss or easy to clean paint for all those dirty finger prints and crayon artworks that end up on the walls.

Rounded Corners

Countertops. stair banisters and even furniture are much more hazard-proof if there is no sharp edges waiting to get run into. Ask your sale representative for all the options when it comes to changing the shape of objects and materials.

Mud Room Lockers

Design space specifically for each of your children. They can put all their shoes, coats and school or sports needs in the locker space. This keeps your coat closest available for you and gives your kids the responsibility to keep their own space clean and organized.

Check out our online Design Studio or reach out to one of our sales representatives to find out how you can customize your home build to fit the needs of your growing family.

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