The Genesis customer experience doesn’t end at move-in—far from it. We’ll arrange for a series of check-ins, surveys and inspections to make sure the first year in your home goes as smoothly as possible. Your home also comes with an independent, third-party warranty for added peace of mind. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship means that our homes will stand the test of time. However, if any problems arise, we’ll be there for you.

Two-Month Inspection

After two months, once you’ve settled into your home and started to learn more about it, your Warranty Service Technician will conduct an inspection. This is a terrific opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you might have. To ensure you don’t forget to ask any important questions, consider starting a list as soon as you move in.

Trades’ Day

If your home has any issues that your Warranty Service Technician can’t resolve, we’ll arrange a Trades’ Day. This is a convenient, three-hour window during which relevant tradespeople—accompanied by your Warranty Service Technician—will visit your home and complete any required remediation.

11-Month Inspection

After almost a year in your home, you’ll know it intimately. If you’ve noticed anything that needs our attention, the 11-Month Inspection—arranged by your Home Orientation Coordinator—is an ideal time to discuss it. Minor issues, such as nail pops and drywall cracks, are perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. If your home is in need of more substantial attention, we’ll happily arrange an 11-Month Trades’ Day to follow the inspection.

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