How to care for a real Christmas tree

Every family chooses between an artificial tree and a real tree during the holiday season. If you choose an artificial tree to adorn your home, it’s the same setup and takedown process each year. However, if you choose to decorate a real Christmas tree, this requires some tender love and care to get it through the holiday season alive and well. Everyone will tell you special tricks when it comes to caring for your tree, but there a just a few simple tips that will help keep your tree lush and green until the big day is over. Often you can get five full weeks out of a real Christmas tree if it’s cared for well, so we’re here to help you get the most out of it this year.

Tip #1: Pick the Right Tree

When you decide to go tree hunting, there are a few things you should look for before you choose ‘the one.’ Make sure the tree looks green and healthy, with plenty of needles on every branch. If the trees have been kept outside, try to choose one that’s been in the shade – this will be the least dried out. Lastly, pick your tree up a few inches off the ground before you buy it and drop it. If you see many green needles fall, this is not the tree for you; some brown loose needles falling to the ground is fine.

Tip #2: Trim Your Tree

When you buy your tree, the provider should be able to make a one inch cut off the bottom to ensure the tree is clean and ready to absorb water. If you’re not going to put the tree up right away, make this cut again prior to putting it up in your home. This ensures that old dried resin won’t block water from going up the tree.

Tip #3: Care for Your Tree

Once your tree is in the stand, it’s now time to make sure it has enough water to thrive. Put your tree in at least four litres of water and check the water levels daily to make sure it’s getting enough. Additionally, keep your tree away from any heat sources. These cause your tree to dry out faster and therefore will not live the full five weeks in your home. The tree will last longer in a slightly cooler environment, so consider placing it beside a window instead of a fireplace.

Tip #4: Take Down Your Tree

We know you love Christmas so much that you wish you could keep your tree up all year round, but it’s important to take it down before it gets dried out and brittle. Waiting too long will mean needles all over the floor and it will crumble as you get it out the door. Your old Christmas tree also becomes a fire hazard as it sits there, drying out into the perfect kindling. Don’t overdo it.

If you decide to go the real Christmas tree route this year, these four steps will help you make the most of it this holiday season. Enjoy!