How to enjoy your outdoor square-footage

Everyone dreams of owning their own home someday with a huge backyard, maybe even an acreage, where the kids can play and the dog can run free. However, that day might not be today. Right now, you might have a small backyard with a 2-person patio table and a minuscule deck, or maybe even no deck at all. But that’s ok! We have compiled some of the best and the brightest ways for you to maximize your outdoor space, no matter the size. Whether you have room for a few lawn chairs or full-fledged backyard soiree, here are some neat ways to get the most out of your outdoor square-footage.

A Patio

Everyone loves spending time outside. Adding a patio to your yard creates a seamless transition from inside to outside, making both your house and yard look bigger. Plus, it can be made out of wood, stone, brick – pretty much anything – so the size is easily adaptable to any space. This is a great way to maximize your living space.

Natural Accents

Instead of cramming countless side tables, umbrellas and lounge chairs into your backyard, let nature take over and decorate for you. Planting trees and flowers adds colour, shade and natural décor to your space that helps it look fresh and nicely full without appearing cluttered. Try planting perennials, shrubs and flowering bushes to cut down on your spring workload each year.

The Porch

Many homes have a porch, whether attached to the front or the back of the building. These can take up a lot of space, so utilize it the best you can. Add a handing swing or long bench to increase seating options or fill a corner with flower pots and a bubbling fountain for a water feature.

A Barbecue

Love to barbeque but don’t have the room? Some barbecues are huge and take up a lot of precious real estate. Check Amazon, eBay or Home Depot for a neat collapsible version so that it can be set up, used, cleaned and stored away for the next use. The perfect solution to enjoy grilled goodness with limited outdoor space.

A Pool

You don’t need to dig a big hole or have a huge yard to have a pool. Get a kid-sized or above ground pool, they make them anywhere from 4 feet to 40 feet across. Perfect for a hot summer’s day when all you need is to dip your toes into the cool refreshing water.

Simply because you have a small outdoor space doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it too. There are always new ways to decorate, various additions and landscaping techniques to make your yard look bigger and better. Use some of these helpful tips to maximize your front/back/side yard and make the most out of your outdoor square-footage. Summer won’t be here forever Calgary – let’s stay outside while we can!