How to get your home ready for Halloween

Halloween is one week away, but if you’re like most, you’re probably already getting into the spirit of things whether it be with decor or party planning. If you have Halloween events and trick-or-treaters to prepare for, here’s how to get your home in shape for the big day.

  • Pumpkins: perhaps one of the easiest, and definitely most traditional ways to get your home into the Halloween spirit, is to add some pumpkins. Traditionally, carving jack-o-lanterns is the way to go for outdoor Halloween factor, and it makes for a great family activity too. However, if you’re time crunched or feeling creative, here’s some inspiration for decorating with pumpkins without carving any. Safety tip: opt for LED lights in your pumpkins instead of candles, to cut fire risk.
  • Get the tricks: aside from pumpkins, you can do a number of things to decorate for Halloween, from subtle to scary. Check out all of the amazing Halloween decoration ideas we found on PinterestSafety tip: ensure your Halloween decorations are very secure and there’s no risk of anything falling down on someone.
  • Get the treats: the most delicious preparation of all comes with getting stocked up on whatever goodies you’ll be giving trick-or-treaters who come to your door on Halloween. If you’re new to your community, ask the neighbours how many kids they usually have trick-or-treating so you know how many treats to grab.
  • Get the costume(s): the fun part is playing dress-up! To save money, try a DIY alternative to costumes this year, here’s some ideas from PinterestSafety tip: opt for flame-resistant costumes, and avoid dressing children in masks to avoid dangerous situations.
  • Secure the entryways and walkways: make sure all the walkways and doorways of your home are well-lit in any areas where you expect guests and kids to be walking. Also ensure your walkways are clear of any fall debris or obstacles that could become safety hazards at night.
  • Check your smoke alarms: while you should always ensure your detectors are working, with the increased presence of potential fire hazards, you’ll really want to make sure all detectors are working.
  • Talk to your kids about safety: with lots of extra traffic on the roads on Halloween, ensure you remind your kids about pedestrian safety and making themselves visible at night.

We hope you and your family have a safe and happy Halloween, however you’re spending it!