How to make your backyard the perfect outdoor space

The weather is beautiful and even though we are stuck at home, we can still enjoy the outdoors and make the most out of this gorgeous weather.

“As long as you enjoy the space with only the people who live in your household, this is your safest and most “rule-free” space to enjoy the warmer weather.” [City of Calgary]

Our living space is not confined to our four walls, so here are some easy ways to create and enjoy your outdoor space.

  • Get your green thumb going: digging in the dirt and planting something will not only provide a welcome outdoor activity, but will add greenery and florals to your yard as well.
  • Curl up in the sun with a book: take your “me time” outdoors and catch up on reading in the sunshine.
  • BBQ: get the grill going and start enjoying the joys of outdoor cooking!
  • Add some colour: Earth tones are all around you, so make your furniture and outdoor accents really pop with splashes of colour.
  • Add in some dramatic lighting: whether you use tiki torches, candles, string lights or create your own, backyard lighting can make a beautiful difference at night.
  • Add warmth with a fire pit: if your home doesn’t have a fire pit already, consider putting one in. Fire pits are great for entertaining, bringing warmth on colder evenings, and will make your yard the envy of the neighbourhood.
  • Bring out furniture: gone are the days of uncomfortable wicker furniture sets for your yard, there are lots of comfortable outdoor living room sets on the market. Coffee tables, couches, whatever you have indoors, you can likely find and outdoor-friendly version of.

From adding rugs and comfortable accents to how to create additional privacy, you might enjoy this article from HGTV Canada for even more inspiration for your backyard space!