How to support local businesses through the mask bylaw

Since the pandemic started in March 2020, some things have changed for how we visit public spaces or shop in stores. One major development in the last few weeks has been the Mandatory Mask Bylaw that came into effect for the City of Calgary.

We want the city to thrive, for businesses to stay open and for Calgarians to stay healthy. This decision was not taken lightly and was informed by data and by making decisions based on the collective health of Calgarians and for the local economy.

With businesses reopening, more social interactions and the number of cases increasing in Calgary, these measures will better prevent a potential resurgence being experienced around the world. We know that navigating the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for local businesses and a second wave may disrupt an already challenged economy. [City of Calgary]

What does the bylaw mean?

Here is a quick rundown of how the bylaw works in Calgary:

  • Face coverings are required on public transit
  • Face coverings are required in vehicles for hire (taxis or Uber)
  • Face coverings are required in public indoor spaces (retail stores, grocery stores, etc.)
  • Face coverings are required inside City of Calgary facilities (recreation centres, etc.)

There are some exceptions to the bylaw, which are outlined here.

What does it mean for visiting a business?

It means if you can, you should wear a mask when visiting a public business. We’re all in this together and small businesses in our city need support now more than ever. Businesses are not required to enforce bylaws, so if you see someone not wearing a mask in a public space, you can report it to the City but know that the business is just doing their best and it may not be their mandate to enforce a bylaw.

Other ways you can support local businesses right now:

  • Shop online and opt for delivery (if available) or curbside pick-up
  • Purchase a gift card online that you can use in future
  • Order delivery or takeout from your favourite local restaurant (or a place you haven’t tried yet)
  • Leave a review for a local business on social media platforms or their website
  • Share the business with your friends by telling people why you love them and encourage others to follow them and engage on social media