How to volunteer with your neighbours

It’s National Volunteer Week in Canada, and the spotlight is on volunteerism and all the amazing things it does for organizations and communities. According to Propellus, a volunteer matching website in Calgary, volunteerism is worth $3.9 billion to our local economy — that is huge impact!

There are many benefits to volunteering within your community:

  • Meeting new people and being connected to your community
  • Learning new skills, or teaching your skills to others
  • Gaining experience, enhancing your resume
  • Giving back to your community
  • Being part of causes you care about

Here are some ideas for volunteering in your community:

  • Volunteer on your condo board: if you’re a homeowner in an apartment or townhouse, this is a great way to volunteer and also have a say in the place you live.
  • Contact your community association: community associations are run entirely by volunteers so there’s always an abundance of opportunities available from sitting on boards or committees to helping run events. To find an opportunity in your community find your association on the Federation of Calgary Communities website.
  • Coach or manage a sports team in your neighbourhood: this is another initiative that’s run completely by volunteers. If you’re not familiar with the contact information for the league in your neighbourhood, start by checking the Federation of Calgary Communities website.
  • Help out non-profits or charities you already support: do you donate annually to a charity or non-profit you’re passionate about? Donating your time is just as important to them, contact a local organization for information on where they need help at this time.
  • Contact your City: there are often many volunteer opportunities available for programs and events run by both the City of Calgary or City of Airdrie, visit their websites for information.
  • Try a volunteer matching service: both Calgary and Airdrie have organizations dedicated to matching volunteers with the organizations that best suit their skills and personalities. Check out Volunteer Airdrie or Volunteer Calgary.