Planning a move? Tips for successful packing

Moving to a new home can sometimes seem overwhelming, but packing efficiently and effectively will help make your next move a lot easier. Make your next move stress-free by following these easy packing tips:

• Gather your supplies: you’ll want boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and permanent markers.

• Packed boxes should weigh less than 50 pounds, and pack the heaviest items at the bottom.

• Stuff extra spaces in your boxes with small linens: socks, scarves, etc. to ensure nothing is moving around. You can also do this with newspaper, styrofoam bits and other ‘softer’ materials.

• Ensure boxes are sealed and the tops are flat. Overpacking will leave you with the risk of damaging the contents inside.

• Label your boxes: label clearly what’s in each box, and what room it goes in (ex: books, living room). Also be sure to label fragile boxes appropriately.

• Tape screws and bolts underneath the furniture it belongs to, so it’s easier when you’re unpacking.

• Keep an inventory of each box and what’s inside (a simple list), so you can cross-reference  when you’re unpacking. This will be especially important if a box goes missing.

• Keep important records and tools with you when you move, so you can easily access them upon arrival at your new home.