Taking a Family Vacation at Home

It’s day 9263 of quarantine, or at least that’s what it feels like. We hope that everyone is holding up and doing the best they can in this new normal. What we do know now is we are all very acquainted with our homes, having now spent the better part of our time in it.

Just when we thought we had our house organization and chores under control, we’ve all had to readjust our lives, schedules and the space we’re living in. This has been not only a great test to our creativity, but a stress test on our homes to see how functional they are when we need a pop-up school or a space to do yoga.

As a community, you have been busy with transforming your house into a home that works for you. We’ve been receiving photo and video submissions, and we wanted to share Jenna’s story. Jenna Smith’s family was set to head to Mexico on April 2nd for a week of all-inclusive magic.

“We were all excited for different parts and when we knew for sure the trip was going to be cancelled, I decided we would try and mimic as many of the things as possible. For my two sons (aged 3 and 5) the ‘flight’ to Mexico was probably their favourite part. We set our sectional couch up in rows and turned a flight simulator on the TV. They loved passing their tickets and passports to get on the plane and of course their in-flight movie and snacks were a big hit.

When we arrived at the ‘bonus room beach’ they enjoyed playing in the container of sand and snorkelling in the tub. My husband and I enjoyed reading on our towels on the beach and sipping margaritas and Corona (fittingly) while we were there. I am a teacher and found it fun to dig out different themed party supplies and plan out the itinerary.

Seeing our children excited for the event which took up most of an entire Saturday as well as having something positive to focus on with everything going on was really a nice distraction.”

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