Tips for Decorating a Brand New Home

April is National Decorating Month and one of the most exciting things we get to decorate in our lifetimes, is our first home or a brand new home. Decorating a brand new home may seem a little daunting if you don’t know where to start, but think of it as a blank canvas and utilize these tips to help you.

  • Start neutral: lucky for new homebuyers, their homes will already be in neutral tones for the most part, which gives you a lot more freedom to make your home your own. Sticking to a neutral palette will allow you the ability to dress up any room with a dash of colour or patterns in cushions, accents, etc. The best news is, neutral colours always work.
  • Get the dimensions: before you start planning and buying things, probably best to know what dimensions everything is. Get some measuring tapes out and find out the crucial dimensions of your home. To make things even easier, ask your home builder for a copy of your blueprints, then you don’t have to measure anything at all.
  • Make a list: planning and decorating an entire home requires some organization and attention. Make a list of all the items you currently own, all the items you need and a wish list for the future—this is a great place to start.
  • Make a budget: the secondary part to making a list, is to make a budget to determine what amount of money you have to work with on decor items, and then you can prioritize your purchases from there.
  • Invest in a great bed: many interior designers will advise you to start your decorating journey in the bedroom, because the reality is we spend so much time sleeping. You want to invest in a quality bed and quality bedding, because waking up in a great mood will set the tone for your entire day. Focus on the bed first, and then build the room around that.
  • One room at a time: if you try to tackle decorating your entire home all at once, you are going to be very overwhelmed very quickly. Commit to one room at a time, and complete the room before you move onto the next one.
  • Slowly chip away: instead of buying all your home decor items at once, slowly chip away at your list of things to buy so that your bank account doesn’t suffer too much during this process.
  • Enjoy it! Moving into a new home is an exciting adventure, and decorating your house to feel like your home is going to be a great experience, so make sure you take time to enjoy it. Do what you have to, to feel more relaxed and enjoy the ride.