Tips for keeping your home warm in a cold snap

Winter has treated us to another blast of freezing cold weather to bid January farewell, and unfortunately, the cold is sticking around for at least a few more days. When a cold snap blows our way, we want to stay warm without sacrificing huge energy costs.

Here are a few tips to keep your home warm during a cold snap (without raising your heating bill):

  • Turn on the fireplace: if you are lucky enough to live in a home with a wood-burning fireplace, this can be a real energy-saver during winter months. This natural heating method can give a big boost of warmth, and you can leave your thermostat alone (or maybe even be able to turn it down). Always remember to check to see your chimney and fireplace are clean before sparking a flame—safety first!
  • Check your windows and doors: a common culprit of cold air seeping into a home is through old sealing or cracks around windows and doors. Luckily for buyers of brand new homes, building standards prevent this type of issue from happening for years and years. If you don’t have a brand new home, complete with energy-efficient windows, be sure to check these spots for leaks.
  • Use a space heater: when you continue to raise the dial on your thermostat, your heating bill goes up with it. If you and your family are all in one particular area of your home, consider using a space heater to heat the room instead of cranking the heat in the entire house. This way you can get some instant warmth and keep those bills down.
  • Let the sunlight in: we are lucky in Calgary because we live in the sunniest city in all of North America! In saying that, why not take advantage of the natural heat that the sun can give off? Try opening your blinds on sunny days, and letting that natural heat seep into your home.
  • Cozy up with decor: you can make a big dent in the cold temperatures of your home with just your home decor. For example, invest in some heavy quilts or blankets for your bed during the winter. The extra layers will keep you cozy throughout the night. Outside of the bedroom, you can try adding fuzzy floor rugs or purchasing some big blankets for people to cuddle up with in your family or living room.

Do you have some other creative ideas for keeping warm during a cold snap? Share them with us on social media!