Tips for Maximizing Your Deck

We still have plenty of sunny days and summer nights left this year, so your deck is likely to see a lot of action still this season. If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors, here’s some great tips for maximizing your deck.

Safety first: inspect your deck
Make sure you have a look at the state of your deck right now, and check for things like: nails sticking out, chipping paint, loose boards, etc. It’s a good idea to repair anything that needs a fix-up, and put some fresh paint where any is missing.

Use the entire space of your deck
It may sound strange, but when you maximize the entire space of your deck with furniture, decor and plants, it will actually appear bigger. Adding plants and decor items to your railings, edges and corners will actually lead your eyes around the entire space, making it seem more spacious. Easy ways to maximize for entire space are: lighting fixtures (lanterns, string bulbs, etc.), planters and furniture around the perimeter.

Create designated spaces
To ensure all the space of your deck is used, create designated areas on your deck, just like you would in the home. For example, have an eating area, cooking area for the barbecue and a lounging area. Depending on the size of your deck, you can have several different “rooms” and different furniture for each space.

Don’t shy away from colour
Adding colour will make a big impact on your deck, and also make it more personal; decorating a deck is just like decorating a home. Add colour in decor for your deck with: outdoor pillows, flowers and colourful containers/pots and accent pieces.

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