Top 4 Reasons to Buy a New Home in December

December is a surprisingly great month to purchase a new home. With all the holiday hustle and bustle at this time of year it may not yet be on your to-do list— but it should be!

We all think of spring as the ideal time to buy a home. But, really it’s just the busiest time. The sun comes out, gardens bloom, and we start dreaming about having our own home and our own beautiful yard to enjoy during the long, glorious summer days and evenings. Or we start thinking about making the move to a larger home as we make plans to start or expand our family. After all, spring is all about new chapters.

So while spring is the busiest home-buying season, December is one of the best times to purchase a home when it comes to added-value and perks. Check out some of the benefits of purchasing a new home in December, below.

The Top Benefits of Purchasing Before December 31st:


If you love the small-town charm, true community feel and proximity to the bigger city that Airdrie has to offer, now is the time to buy—and save! Genesis is offering incredible savings of up to $10K on select quick-possession, move-in ready home models in Airdrie’s Bayview community. These savings are our gift to you this holiday season, and are not offered at any other time of year.

If you are a first time home buyer, you can enjoy even more financial incentives with The Homebuyers’ Plan (HBP). If you meet the eligibility requirements, you and your spouse can withdraw up to $35,000, each, from your registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) up to a maximum of $70,000. This amount will not be included in your taxable income for 2019. Find out more here.


Since the winter months are not a very busy time of year for moving, there are potential discounts to be found. Moving companies often offer discounted prices outright since this is a slow period for them. At the very least there is room for negotiation. Also, you can bet that you will have no trouble securing quality moving services at the time you need them!


By purchasing a new home in December, especially a quick-possession model, you will be all settled into your new home by the time the spring home-buying frenzy begins. While others will be busy competing with numerous buyers on the hunt for an ideal home, you’ll be busy planning your garden and/or landscaping or picking out the perfect patio set.


By purchasing a home in December, you will be all set to host barbecues and other gatherings for family and friends by the first spring thaw. And, by next December, you can hold that special holiday dinner at your house. There’s nothing better than being home for the holidays!

With all the benefits to be had by purchasing a home in December, be sure to put a visit to Genesis Builder’s Group show homes on your holiday list before the new year!

Visit the Bayview show homes at 668 and 664 Bayview Way SW, Airdrie to arrange a showing of The Ivy and Alder move-in ready homes. Hours are Monday through Thursday 2:00PM – 8:00PM, by appointment only on Friday, and 12:00PM – 5:00PM on weekends and holidays.

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