Vote for Your Favourite Calgary Neighbourhood

Do you love your neighbourhood? Nominations for Avenue Calgary’s Annual Best Neighbourhoods Survey are drawing to a close this Friday, and your community needs your votes.

The survey ranks neighbourhoods by helping Calgarians answer the question: what is most valuable in a neighbourhood? Criteria like crime statistics, property value, amenities, etc. are compiled in addition to the survey results. Some of the questions asked are looking for rankings on qualities of the neighbourhood such as: walkability, parkland, proximity to stores and cafes, etc.

Last year’s top spots were held by the communities of: Arbour Lake, Acadia, Varsity, Brentwood and Hillhurst. Deadline to take the survey (which takes less than 10 minutes to complete) is Friday, February 28th. You can complete the survey online here.

And find out more about the Calgary communities we currently build in: EvansRidge, Sage Meadows, Sherwood and Saddlestone.