Your Smart Home: Amazon Echo Show 

Remember watching the Jetson’s and Rosey was always around to help with the home? We don’t have robot assistants yet but the Amazon Echo Show is pretty close. The Smart Home tech acts as a digital assistant that utilizes voice commands to operate your smart home system.

You can ask Alexa to control your lights, door locks, show you a live video feed of your front door and use it as an intercom to speak to visitors. As well, you can ask questions, stream TV, movies, music, and chat on video calls. The real question is, what can the Echo Show not do?

Voice-Activated Convenience:

At the heart of the Amazon Echo lies its virtual assistant, Alexa, which responds to your voice commands. Whether you want to set reminders, play music, control your smart home devices, or get answers to questions, Alexa is there to assist. From turning on lights to adjusting thermostats and even ordering groceries, the Echo becomes your personal concierge, effortlessly executing tasks with just your voice. The convenience of hands-free control is a game-changer, allowing you to multitask and streamline your daily routines with ease.

Smart Home Integration:

The Amazon Echo serves as a central hub for your smart home ecosystem. Compatible with a wide range of smart devices, including lights, thermostats, locks, and cameras, it enables seamless integration and control from a single command center. Just like the rest of the Smart Home technology included in your new Genesis home, Your Echo is integrated with your SmartThings App giving you convenient access to control your home from your phone.

Your Entertainment Assistant:

Stream your favorite music, listen to audiobooks, play games, or catch up on the latest news and weather updates. With thousands of skills available, Alexa can deliver a plethora of information and entertainment right at your command. From daily briefings to recipe suggestions, the Echo becomes your personal assistant, keeping you informed and entertained throughout the day.

Included in your Genesis Builders Home:

Every new Genesis home comes with professionally installed and programmed Amazon Echo Show by Digital Lifestyles Inc so you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to set it up.

With its voice-activated capabilities, seamless integration with smart devices, and access to a wide array of skills, the Echo elevates your living space into a futuristic and efficient hub (you might even have to change her name to Rosey). Learn more about all the Smart Home technology additions that are included in your new home HERE.

*Genesis reserves the right to substitute Smart Home Technology brands when limited by availability.