21 days of tasks to get your home ready for Christmas

The Christmas countdown is on – three weeks to go! Somehow the big day sneaks up on us every year. With so much decorating, baking, organizing and shopping to do, the holidays can often feel stressful. However, we’re here to give you a daily task list to help spread them out and make Christmas planning more manageable.


  1. Find and untangle those strings of Christmas lights! Outdoor lights are too warm to be used inside and the indoor lights aren’t equipped for our Canadian winters so inspect them before use.
  2. Set up the tree! Whether you buy a real one or pull the fake one out of the basement, it’s time. Decorations, lights, the star on top – grab it all!
  3. Do decoration inventory: what do you have, what do you need, and then what do you really need.
  4. Create a budget for all your holiday spending. Food, presents, decorating – it adds up fast! Perhaps choose lower limits for Secret Santa or do a potluck style dinner to share the costs.
  5. Repair instead of replacing. Pull out the hot glue gun, the sewing kit, the craft supplies – whatever you need to give those decorations the Christmas lift they need.
  6. Take your family photo and send holiday cards out. This can be stressful when left to the last minute, so snap the picture and send them today!
  7. Head to a local market to finish your shopping. Local makers work hard to bring you unique, handmade goods so let’s help support them this holiday season!
  8. Take a break from preparing and enjoy the Christmas light displays around the city. Check out Spruce Meadows, Lion’s display in Confederation Park and Airdrie’s Festival of Lights.
  9. Choose holiday decorations that are flame-retardant. Candles are a beautiful holiday decoration but also a major safety hazard at this time of year.
  10. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they’re working. With extra people in the home, we want to make sure everyone stays safe throughout the holidays!
  11. Keep your tree well-watered so it looks lively come Christmas Day.
  12. Plan a schedule of family events, travel days, relax days, etc.
  13. DIY. Dip into that craft cupboard or baking supplies for gifts this year – it’s the thought that counts right?
  14. Light your fireplace prior to the big day to see if it needs maintenance.
  15. Start your Christmas baking today! Cookies, cakes, pies, the works!
  16. Prepare the guestrooms with fresh sheets and towels if you have relatives who will be sleeping over.
  17. Grocery shop for the festivities – turkey, potatoes, gravy, yum!
  18. Clear the snow and ice from your driveway and walkway to ensure easy access.
  19. Baby-proof your home if little ones will be joining you on the big day.
  20. Today’s cleaning day! Tidy, scrub and organize the rooms that you’ll be using to entertain tomorrow.
  21. Gather your friends and family around the tree for a fabulous Christmas Day!