Benefits of a Carriage Suite

Have you heard of a carriage suite? Also known as a laneway home, backyard suite, garden suite, accessory dwelling units (ADU) or coach house. Whatever you want to call it, a carriage suite is an independent suite above your garage and is a great addition to any property for extra space that is separate from the main house. 

Typically these secondary units are built separate from the main home on the property in a number of different ways. Our carriage suites in Bayside are built above the garage to best utilize the space on the property. There are so many reasons why we love carriage suites, these are some of the benefits:

Flexibility in Design: The space can be designed for whatever you want. An entertainment area, separate home office or a guest house, the flexibility of a carriage suite is unmatched. 

Multigenerational Living Space: If you have aging parents or older kids, the carriage suite is the perfect place for a private living space. With all the amenities of an independent suite, you can stay connected with your parents or kids while still maintaining privacy. 

Investment: Instead of a basement suite, a carriage suite is a great alternative for a rental unit. It’s separate from the main house, so you maintain those boundaries but still benefit from having the rental property on your land. 

Functional Use of Space: Carriage suites make efficient use of the property by utilizing the space above or adjacent to the garage, which might otherwise go unused.

How would you utilize this space?


To learn more about carriage suites or to speak to a sales rep, visit our showhome in Bayside.