February Construction Update: Saffron

We would like to start by sincerely apologizing for the delay on the Saffron project. We strive to hire trades that can complete our projects in a reasonable amount of time, but with the real estate market being as strong as it is, we have struggled to consistently employ trades to build our houses for us.

However, we do want to report that the project is now well underway, and has strong momentum. With crews working very hard, we expect this project to reach completion very soon.

Please check back here on our blog for monthly construction updates, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

Building One: 

• The first floor is being capped, 10% into completion.

Building Two: 

• The first floor is being capped, 10% into completion.

If some of the home building jargon isn’t familiar to you, check out our Construction Glossary, so you can get familiar with some of the terminology you will come across during this process. As always, you can contact us with any questions regarding our development progress as well.