Easy ways to decorate for Halloween this year

Halloween is just around the corner and we’re guessing that your home still needs a bit of a ‘spooky’ facelift. Sure, there’s the regular décor ideas, like turning cotton balls into cobwebs or sporting pumpkins with permanent marker faces drawn on, but don’t you want to dazzle people this year? Party guests, trick-or-treaters, passersby alike, create a front porch and front window display like no one else this year – you’ll be cleaning nose prints off your windows come November 1.

Customized Candlesticks from Your Recycling


Finally, your love of wine pays off! For this craft, simply take a few empty wine bottles and spray paint them your desired colour. Then, stick a tall wax candle in the top of the bottle, light it and let the wax do its job by dripping down the bottle. Choose the colours of paint and wax to match your current décor, like orange and black or white and grey. You can place these on your porch, in the front window or even on your dining table.


Use Your Current Décor to Scare


Macramé wall hangings seem to be all the rage right now. Head to the dollar store to purchase those mini black spiders of any size to make it look like the creepy crawlies have taken over your home by attaching them to the hanging with craft glue or small safety pins. Hang this masterpiece right inside the front door so that guests are spooked the second they take a peek inside!


If you’re feeling really festive, take out your summer lawn decorations and see if there’s anything that can be made into Halloween fun. Perhaps you spray paint your flamingo black or surround your garden gnome with a pumpkin patch.


Get a Jump on Christmas


You’ve already got Christmas decorations locked away in the basement, why not bring them up early and decorate the house Halloween style? Set up your tree and deck it out with orange, black and white decorations. Arrange the tinsel around doorframes, windows and bannisters, but hang spiderwebs and their eight-legged creatures from it as if Halloween overtook Christmas and won.


 Keep is Simple with Black Paper


Perhaps you don’t want to spend much on decorations this Halloween season. Do you know how many crafts you can make with black cardstock? Find a rat or spider stencil online and cut out these little creatures to place around your home: on the ceiling, bookshelf, floor, cupboards. Try folding the paper as if you’re making a snowflake – now think spiderweb. Lastly, cut out fun shapes to make your mugs and cups at home jack-o’-lanterns. Bonus points if you have copper Moscow mule cups!


Decorating doesn’t have to break the bank or take much time. These simple Halloween tricks have minimal costs and can jazz up your home in no time for the little ones. Whether you’re a Halloween-fanatic or you’re just waiting for Christmas to hurry up and get here already, try adding a bit of orange and black festive cheer to your home this year!