Eight Ways to Be a Great Neighbour

Being a great neighbour means using the proper etiquette to demonstrate to your neighbours you care about the community. There are several different things you can do, even while you are shopping for houses for sale in Calgary NW, NE Airdrie, or elsewhere.

  1. Introduce yourself to people living near the home you are considering buying.

Besides viewing homes or selecting the lot where you want to build your new construction home, it is a good idea to meet your neighbours ahead of time. Take a moment to introduce yourself, ask them how they like the community, and let them know you are considering buying next door.

Doing this not only breaks the ice before you purchase your new home but also lets you learn a little more about your new neighbours. For instance, you may discover one neighbour has children the same age as yours.

  1. On move-in day, do not block the street or other neighbours’ driveways.

Your new neighbours will not appreciate being blocked in or not being able to drive down the street.

  1. Get to know your new neighbours.

If you notice neighbours outside while moving into your new home, and you have not yet met them, go introduce yourself.

  1. Review your community’s homeowner association (HOA) rules.

Take time to read the HOA rules and regulations. These will detail different things that will help you be a great neighbour.

  1. Be mindful of noise levels.

If you are going to be making excessive noise, like running the vacuum or mowing your yard, make sure to do it at acceptable times for your community.

  1. Keep up exterior maintenance.

Even if you dislike yard work or other things to maintain the exterior appearance of your home, your neighbours will appreciate you are not responsible for lowering property values. You can always hire a teenager in your community to do the work for you.

  1. Notify your neighbours of various events or things that could impact them, too.

Anytime you are planning things out of the ordinary, inform your neighbours in person. For example, you are hosting a party. Let your neighbours know ahead of time about it and what hours it will run. You may want to invite them to your party to show goodwill.

friends and neighbors celebrating party

  1. Be responsible with your pets.

Not everyone in your community may like cats or dogs. Make sure to pick up after your dog and do not let your cat wander freely around the neighbourhood.

By practising these tips, not only will you be a great neighbour everyone wants to live next door to, but you could also make some new friends.

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