Heating Efficiency This Winter

A new, energy efficient home is one of the best ways to enjoy heating efficiency this winter. Older homes have inefficient heating systems that release energy without heating your home. New homes help the home retain heat through a combination of design elements to retain heat and energy efficient technology to create heat. Older homes often have outdated equipment that needs to be replaced and may also create a loss of heat through lack of insulation and other heat-retaining construction features.

A new home in Calgary takes into account the winter climate. With the latest technological innovations, a new home includes an efficient heating system that lowers your energy bills as well as reduces the costs of paying to update and repair old heating systems.

In a new home, you can enjoy the comfort of a heating system that produces less noise and less wasted heat, and which is healthier and safer than old heating systems. As an additional benefit, the new home heating system also offers improved durability and fewer costs associated with repairs and replacements.

In addition to more efficient heating systems, a new home offers energy-efficient building materials, including windows and doors. Older homes tend to need updating and replacing to prevent heat from escaping. If you have an older home, then you should prepare for winter by:

  • Replacing weather stripping
  • Adjusting doorframes that have become misaligned after years of use and which now allow warm air to escape
  • Replacing electrical plates where warm air could be escaping
  • Plugging holes in exterior walls
  • Covering windows and doors with extra material to keep heat in and cold out
  • Insulating your attic with modern insulation materials and patching up any ductwork where you could be losing heat
  • Updating your thermostat to a programmable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature when you really need it

Letting the sunshine in and keeping air out by opening blinds and curtains but locking windows so that they are tightly sealed

new home energy efficient

Older homes tend to need updating and replacing to keep them airtight and up to date so that you’re not paying high heating bills all winter by heating your home even when you’re away. Replacing doors and windows and stopping up other sources of heat loss can be an expensive and difficult process. You may also have an older heating system that isn’t efficient and which is costing you money over the long term by allowing heat to escape.

By contrast, choosing a new home means that the energy-efficient features which will save you money and keep you warm in the years to come are built in. With brand-new technology, your programmable thermostat can be set for the times that you need heat and the times that you don’t. You won’t need to bother with space heaters, closing off rooms, or the other inconveniences and expenses of heating an older home.

Don’t shiver through another winter in your outdated house. Contact Genesis Builders Group for help finding your new dream home.