Home Trends in 2018

From rich colour to wood and concrete, to sophisticated decor, the home design trends of 2018 are quite varied. The trends of the day aren’t limited to simple details. Home builders in Calgary and Airdrie are seeing demands that impact the construction of properties, such as creating open space to the finishes and treatments clients request.

The “Ins” of 2018

Maximalism is in. The art world sees it as the opposite of minimalism, in which excess and a mixture of different design concepts are valued. At home, maximalism includes a great deal of colour, texture, and pattern, supporting embellishments and the designer’s or homeowner’s eclectic tastes. Mixing and matching various design elements, therefore, is in.

Many home design trends of 2018 involve how a home is built. These consist of:

  • Open Space: Open floor plans are all the rage, for new homes and even among those renovating traditional older homes. Design elements include combined kitchens and dining areas, glass interior doors, and others that maximize available floor space, both visually and functionally.
  • Clean Lines: Builders are more likely to focus on streamlined designs, such as standing-seam roofs. Elements like turrets are becoming less dominant.
  • Wood Interior Finishes: Wooden interior finishes and accents have become a staple of 2018, especially of homeowners looking to connect their home with nature. From wood panels, cabinets, and wall treatments to wooden tables, lamps, and plates, the possibilities are quite diverse.
  • Iridescence: At the same time that many look for an earthier home, others prefer a more modern flair. Iridescent pillows may provide a stark, yet whimsical, contrast. Shiny tiled backlashes aren’t unusual, either.
  • Geometric: Wallpaper, furniture, rugs, and throw pillows with geometric patterns are just a few elements homeowners are incorporating to spruce up their décor. From geometric wall coverings to tiled floors, there are many home improvements that combine the vintage and the modern.

Design trends for houses for sale in Calgary SW or in, for example, the Redstone community are quite diversified as well. In 2018, these are the standout trends for interior design:

Colour in the Kitchen

Traditional kitchens have been predominantly white. Modern homeowners, however, are diverging from this and often adding greys, blues, and even warm wood tones to the kitchen, creating a warmer and more inviting environment. Distinctly colored appliances, even those incorporating glass, are trendy at the moment. Cabinet design varies, but often includes natural color, such as walnut or light wood tones; matte lacquers are good for adding boldness. modern kitchen in home

Rich Colour Overall

Throughout the home, greys are being paired with browns, blacks, rust colours, reds, yellows, and others. This richness certainly allows for a livelier décor. It also helps accent your furniture and decorative items such as artwork, centerpieces, and even fireplaces.

Floral Prints

Although they never really went out of style, floral designs are a hit for 2018. Florals grant the use of contrasts. They can appear on anything from bedding and linens to window treatments, to wallpaper, and they can be featured in any room. Floral patterns come in many types and scales.

House Plants

There’s almost no better way to create a natural feel than adding house plants. Whether your home is greenhouse-inspired or you put a plant here or there, let your creative spirit run free. Plants come in so many varieties and colours, so the possibilities are literally endless.

Concrete Accents

At one time, white marble was the hit. Concrete has now taken a high spot in design choices. Homeowners are not only using it for floors and countertops, but also with furniture, pendant lights, sinks, and pretty much any decorative element.


Metal finishes mix well with others, especially warm tones. They’re primarily a kitchen fixture, whereas stainless steel appliances are hot for 2018 and will probably be so for a while.


Other interior design trends in 2018 reflect homeowners’ passion for vintage lighting. For example, aged copper pendant lights are popular. Industrial, warehouse-like lights with various metal tones are in; they work well for kitchen and dining areas, or as wall lighting in general. Larger fixtures—and even retro-style Edison-style bulbs (with energy-efficient LEDs)—are quite common now.


Realtors who show homes in Cochrane are also likely to showcase millwork walls or those with etched designs. These are quickly making their way into bedrooms and are not just for kitchens and bathrooms anymore.

Wallpaper-like tiles are in as well. Some tiles resemble wallpaper so closely you may not notice the difference, at least right away. Also, many are hard to distinguish from real wood, concrete, or fabric. Some are even reaching new heights with their design creativity. Boldly painted ceilings are becoming trendy, and even wallpaper up there isn’t unheard of.

What Is “Out”

In 2018, it seems just about anything goes. Sinks are a different story. For a long time, white or stainless steel were the mainstream choices, and there was little variation. Concrete and stone have become a 2018 trend for sink design. Granite and copper are, too. Trough and bucket sinks now strike a chord with many homeowners as well; home builders in Calgary are becoming more accustomed to installing these. Used in laundry rooms and small bathrooms, these small-footprint sinks are narrow, deep, wide, and durable. They are also light on maintenance.

The mixture of colour, texture, and pattern says something as well. Not many homeowners are choosing to be minimalist. People are looking for a home that brings in everything they like, makes them feel safe, and delivers maximum comfort. Plush and velvety fabrics are gracing many interiors rather than keeping things simple and bland.bathroom with tub

A lack of texture is certainly underappreciated. Plain rooms are out, but walls, floors, dressers, cabinets, and tables with ornate designs and patterns are in. A returning trend is terrazzo. Popular in the 1970s, the composite is desired for its speckled, multi-coloured appearance that fits in well with eclectic interior designs.

Some more recent trendy items are out, too. Bar carts are attractive, but receive little use and can collect dust quickly. Plus, they take up a bit of space in tight rooms.

Also evidently out of the picture, or close to, are:

  • White kitchens
  • Open shelving
  • Exposed lighting
  • Succulent plants
  • Grunge décor
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Reclaimed wood

Home Technology Trends

Home-building robots may still be a way off, but well-established building processes and integration of automation systems from the start are certainly 2018 home trends. Builders use advanced software for designing your home. This method is available for everything from interior design to selecting and placing automation technologies.

In for 2018, and probably far beyond, is the ability to control just about anything remotely. That includes lights, air conditioning, music, home theatres, and even home security systems. Remote controls have taken on new forms. For example, Nanoleaf has introduced a 12-sided lighting control system. There are also completely integrated controls for home automation systems, enabling you to control everything from a touchscreen, a tablet-like device, or your smartphone.

Devices that can sense motion and temperature are in as well. A motion sensor may detect you waking up in the morning, turning on lights, or getting the coffee maker started before you can react. Voice assistants are becoming part of the home automation movement too.

Amazon’s Alexa is now part of a new lightswitch product that responds to voice commands and plays music. Samsung’s Bixby provides connectivity to the company’s automation products that include a smart refrigerator, TVs, and connected vehicles. The company’s connected devices can all be managed through the SmartThings hub.

Security automation is allowing homeowners to control just about everything. Leading home security company ADT offers a security system that can:

  • Lock/unlock doors remotely
  • Allow guests to enter
  • Notify users if a door is left open/closed
  • Monitor/control the garage door remotely
  • Turn on the lights before you get home
  • Control the thermostat, even if nobody’s home

You don’t even have to answer the door when the bell rings. A Wi-Fi camera notifies you when the bell is pressed, and you can see who is there; video can be viewed from a smartphone app at any time. A built-in speaker lets you speak to visitors. The system’s built-in motion detector provides notification that someone is there even if they don’t press the doorbell.

Today’s automation products come in many forms. Home supply retailers are offering smart doorbells, locks, garage door openers, and surveillance systems. From smart light switches and dimmers to water heaters, irrigation systems, and heating and cooling controls, you have many technology options when you move to a new community in Calgary.

Evolution of Home Construction in Calgary

Apartment inventories are quite high in the area. Although housing starts began trending lower in February 2018 compared to the previous month, and multiple constructions moderated, new condo builders in Calgary are busy keeping up with the latest demands of homeowners and potential buyers.1 Exterior and exterior building, design, and technology trends are shaping how projects are planned and executed.

Genesis is also highly confident in its own 5-step construction process. We use a dependable, efficient process for excavation/laying the foundation for your home and building in the utilities, framing the exterior walls, adding insulation and drywall, and finishing the exterior while integrating plumbing, electrical lines, and HVAC systems. We even manage the entire pre-possession to possession process.building house wooden frame

In addition to an emphasis on quality control, we are also experts in contemporary design, specializing in open-concept living and the demands for function and style. Our builders are also highly flexible when it comes to layouts. We are committed to using only the safest materials and contributing to energy efficiency as well.

Knowledgeable about the latest 2018 home trends, Genesis Builders Group offers the best in design, automation, and security with its Calgary, Canada houses for sale. Our legacy is seen across the Calgary and Airdrie area. Land development and building activities have been taking place since 1991.

Individuals, families, and entire communities benefit from the passion in our work—from planning and construction to possession. For information on available homes in Cornerstone, Calgary, or in any developments and properties our home builders in Calgary offer, search our online inventory, contact our local sales managers, or call our main office at 403-265-8079.