How to bring good luck to your home

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and while you may be thinking about “the luck of the Irish”, by incorporating some of these symbols and practices, you can bring good luck to your home every day.

  • Shamrocks: the four-leaf clover is one of the most famous symbols of luck in Ireland, but who says you’re limited to just one, and just during the month of March? There are lots of ways you can incorporate shamrocks into your design scheme, whether in pattern pieces of home decor accents.
  • Turtle: whether you choose a ceramic or wood version, or simply a photo, the turtle (according to Feng Shui) protects your home with powerful energy of everlasting abundance.
  • Red doors: did you know red doors are a said to ward off evil in many different cultures? It’s not just a bold design statement, for many cultures, it’s a symbol for safety as well.
  • Lucky numbers: did you know many cultures choose a home based on its number? The number eight is said to have a lot of importance and luck in several cultures. Whether the number is eight, or the numbers add up to eight, it’s a favoured choice for many.

There are eight days of Hannukah, Buddhism has the Eightfold Path, it’s the atomic number of oxygen, and it’s the sum of unmoving stars in the sky symbolizing a perfect alignment of planetary energy. [Houzz]

  • Koi fish: koi fish on one’s property (or in one’s property) are believed to be one of the most powerful Feng Shui symbols of wealth and good fortune.
  • Elephant: the elephant is believed to be a harbinger of good luck, wisdom and strength in many cultures. Whether you opt for a decor piece or a photo for the kids’ bedroom, this is sure to bring your home luck.
  • Bamboo: this is one of the most celebrated lucky Feng Shui symbols and is said to bring peace and luck to any environment that it is in.

Learn more about lucky symbols for your home, in this article from Houzz, and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!