How to decorate for Easter

Part of Easter is the ‘do it yourself’ spirit when it comes to decorating. Whether it is eggs, flowers or baskets, there’s so much you can do to turn your home into a vibrant, colourful backdrop for family gatherings. Here are our top suggestions:

  • Turn left over, painted eggshells into colourful candle holders.
  • Use dyed cupcake liners to create flowers that will last the entire season. Use floral wire and paper to create the stem and sprinkle them around your house.
  • Glue paper hole punches to your eggs to add some flair to your baskets.
  • Save your paper egg cartons and turn them into beautiful wreaths. Arrange them in a circle to be filled with flowers, eggs and candy.
  • Turn your napkins into bunny ears using this simple process. Fold a napkin in half to make a triangle, then roll it into a long strip and fold it in half again. Use pipe cleaners and a bead to make a nose and whiskers!
  • Decorate your eggs by adding wings, a beak and feet with a fine tipped marker, turning them into adorable spring chicks!
  • Wrap glass milk jars in a colourful string or twine and fill them with your favourite flowers to create a gorgeous centrepiece for Easter dinner.
  • Garland isn’t just for Christmas. Hollow out some painted eggs, crack off the top and hot glue ribbon around the outside of the shells.
  • Replace some of the books on your shelves with decorated eggs. Use porcelain stands, napkin holders, woodcraft rings and colourful cupcake liners to add some extra flair.
  • Shaving cream eggs are a whole new way to paint. Dotted with dye and swirled with a toothpick, the foam gives your eggs colourful swirls and will have people asking how you did it.
  • Add some elegance to your end tables with egg vases. Open the egg at one end, fill them with water and place a fresh flower inside.
  • Take a basic grapevine wreath and decorate it with pastel eggs, moss and flowers to bring spring right to your front door.
  • Six eggs, some robin’s egg blue paint and spring written with a silver marker is all you need to make a fun reminder that spring has indeed sprung.
  • If none of the other wreath ideas has grabbed your attention yet, use some orange faux flowers, greenery and green ribbon to create a carrot wreath.
  • Instead of stones at the base of a vase, use colourful eggs to weigh it down and fill it with forsythia to add some sunshine right onto your table.

With Easter just around the corner, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and turn your home into a place that will be the envy of all your friends and family this holiday season. Happy Easter!