Make Your Life Easier with Smart Home Technology

Temperature control that you can set from your phone, doorbells with cameras and two-way speaker systems, devices that answer all our burning (but usually useless) questions – what a  time to be alive.  Smart Home Technology is a simple way to make your life easier.

At Genesis, we believe that your home should work for you. A standard Smart Home technology package is included when you purchase any home from Genesis. Our smart home system integrates several independent smart devices and mobile applications into a single, unified app for your comfort and usability. This way you can monitor and control your home from anywhere with your phone. Our team is even there for the whole process – operational setup, guidance and tech support for all systems so you can enjoy all the features of your smart home even if you’re not tech-savvy. Here are four ways that smart home technology can make your life easier:

Control Your Home From Anywhere

Having the ability to access all of your smart home technology features from your phone gives you the power to check in on your house or change your temperature settings from anywhere. We’ve all left for a vacation and forgot to turn down the air conditioner to save power while we’re gone and now it’s super easy to do it as you’re sitting and waiting to board your flight.

Peace of Mind

Not only can you change the temperature settings from anywhere, but you can also assure that your home is safely locked from your phone or see who is ringing your doorbell. You can even chat with the people standing at your door without having to tell them if you’re in the house or not. You can feel safe knowing you have quick access to the locks on your door, cameras and alarm systems when the house is empty, or to keep an eye on people coming and going when your pets or kids are at home.

Automated Lights

Smart switches come with every new Genesis Build and the switches and dimmers allow your lights to be programmed to turn on or off at a specific time of day or to give the illusion you are home, even when you are not. You can also turn off all your lights or lights in a specific room from your phone as you’re leaving the house.

Water Leakage Sensors

We can all agree that water damage is a nightmare. You can upgrade your smart home package to include a Smart Things Water Leak Sensor which monitors water leaks, floods and temperature in your home. This means that you will be alerted on your phone if the sensor detects any water leaks or temperature changes. No more losing sleep on vacation that your pipes have frozen and burst without you knowing.

Learn more about our Standard Integrated Intelligence package for all new Genesis homes and the other smart home upgrades that we offer HERE.


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