New Home Journey

Building your dream home is a milestone in life, congratulations! It is so exciting to be able to pick the layout, design, finishes and everything in between but we know that the process can seem overwhelming. It is a milestone as well as a big undertaking and our team understands that. We have made the home buying process as easy as possible by having our team of experts with you every step of the way, this way you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or stressed and can focus on the fun things like picking the colours and finishes.

To give you a peek into what the home building process looks like, we’ve broken down every step to guide you easily through the journey.

STEP ONE: Pick your perfect floor plan and homesite.

Let’s work together to find that perfect floor plan and your ideal homesite location to complement your daily life. We have numerous professionally designed floor plans and if it’s not perfect, we will tweak it to make it just right!

STEP TWO: It’s time to add your options to personalize your home.

Once we have decided on your home and homesite it’s now time to review industry leading standards and choose if you want some extra features and/or upgraded finishes. We have access to everything that one could ask for.

STEP THREE: Let’s put the pen to paper and write up your Purchase Agreement (PSA).

Now that we have found that perfect home, secured that desirable homesite, and added all of your must have options, it’s time to put it all on paper and send it off for Genesis’s approval and financial approval (if necessary).

STEP FOUR: Exterior colour selection.

While we wait for Genesis and the lender to do their due diligence, it’s a perfect time to talk about electrical and exterior colours. Your new community has a colour scheme that was created by the developer and is referred to as “Architectural Controls”. They maintain a pleasant visual experience and prevent colour repetition. You will also be selecting various electrical features and options to ensure that they are right for your lifestyle. Talk with your sales representative about what is available to you.

STEP FIVE: Waiver of conditions (if needed).

Now that your lender has replied to your purchase with an approval (this is also the time that your initial deposit is due) it’s time to waive your financing condition and firm up your purchase!!


Congratulations, you just bought yourself a new home!


STEP SIX: Preliminary blueprint review.

It’s now been about a month which means that our Design Department has been hard at work preparing your new home’s plans with your specific changes and upgrades as requested. Once received, it is reviewed by your Area Sales Manager and then reviewed together to make sure everything is correct.

STEP SEVEN: Interior finishing – Design Center.

With your new Genesis home, you will enjoy the convenience of our professionally staffed Design Center. Here you will choose all of your interior finishing with the help of our interior designers. At this point, your new home design comes to life. What an exciting time!

STEP EIGHT: Pre-construction review.

This is the moment where your home moves from an idea on paper to real life in construction. Genesis has finished designing your home and we have received approvals from the trades, the community, and the city. We are about 7-10 days for your drawings to reach the “Field” or “Site Managers”. With a quick final review, we are off to start the construction of your new home.

STEP NINE: Construction.

The Genesis Construction Team will now turn your home into reality! During this time, you will have the opportunity to walkthrough at the rough-in stage, the cabinet stage and for a new home orientation. All of these meetings will provide you with a chance to review. During your build you will receive photo updates from the ASM with My Home Story – this gives you a unique visual experience while on-site visits are not permitted.

STEP TEN: Move-in Day!!

It’s now been roughly a year since your purchase and over 600 people have contributed to your new home. It’s move-in day. It’s time to celebrate! This is also the time when your home is handed off from Genesis Construction to Genesis Service. You will have two in-home visits with our service team over the next year. At these times we can address any questions or concerns that you may have.


See? Not so bad. Reach out to our sales team or visit one of our showhomes to start your home buying journey today!