Nine Signs a Neighborhood Is Trending Upwards

When you are shopping houses for sale in Calgary NW, NE, or Airdrie, you want to make sure you are making wise investing decisions. Home buying is one of the biggest investments people will make during their lifetime. As you are looking at properties, look for these signs that could indicate a major upwards trend is in the works:

  • An increase in new home construction and new neighborhoods. This sign is an indication of growth in the area. It means the population has been growing and the number of homes for sale on the market can no longer meet demand.
  • How fast new construction homes and lots are being purchased. In cases where there are new homes being built, a sign the neighborhood is trending upwards is when lots are selling faster than the builder can build homes.
  • New commercial and retail businesses are building in the area. It is easy to find out what future commercial and retail businesses are moving into the neighbourhood with a visit to the local building permit office. You may also contact the local newspaper to see if they have heard of any recently announced businesses moving into the area.
  • An increase in amenities within a community. A new community swimming pool, fitness centre, walking/jogging trails, and parks mean the community is expecting significant growth.

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  • Renovations are occurring in nearby neighbourhoods. If you drive down a street and see numerous homes being renovated, this is a good sign of an upwards trend. People will start to invest in renovations to their homes to raise property values and keep up with new developments nearby.
  • An expansion of public transit services in the area. If public bus and rail stations are expanding into the neighbourhood, it can signify the area is going to start trending. Oftentimes, this is one of the first signs of growth in an area.
  • How fast houses are selling. You can talk to a real estate agent to find out the average number of days homes are spending on the market. If homes are only on the market for a month or less, it is a good sign things are on the upswing.
  • New public services opening in the community. From schools and libraries to hospitals and healthcare facilities, if you hear news of expanded public services in an area, it typically means the neighbourhood is growing.
  • Declining or very low crime rates. Both declining and low crime rates indicate safer communities and higher demand for homes for sale.

As you can see, there are several different signs to look for to see if the neighbourhood where you are building or buying a home is on an upwards swing. For more information about building your own home or purchasing a newly built one using our home builders in Calgary and Airdrie, please feel free to contact Genesis Builders Group at (403) 265-8079 today!