Protecting Your Home from Rain

We’ve been dealing with lots of wet weather this week in Calgary and surrounding area, and with more rain in the forecast for the weekend, you’ll want to ensure your home is protected. Homes can be very vulnerable to rain and water damage, so be sure to check these common trouble spots.

Foundation: do a check of your foundation and be on the lookout for any cracks and holes. Smaller cracks can be ignored, but you should be sealing and repairing larger ones, as water can seep into your home this way.

Exterior paint: walk around your home and check for any paint that is bubbling, chipped or peeling. During major storms, this paint can be damaged even further leaving your home vulnerable to water damage. Obviously if you have siding or other exterior finishings besides paint, you won’t need to do this.

Gutters: these can be problem areas in the rain, so be sure to check if your gutters are being clogged by any dirt, leaves or debris. Clear your gutters out, so they’re ready to handle the coming rainfall.

Downspouts: make sure your downspouts are always facing away from your home, and if water is pooling less than five feet away from your home, invest in downspout extensions (available at local hardware stores).

Basement: during or after it rains, check your basement for any signs of water damage. You’ll also want to give your walls a sniff for a musty smell, this could be a sign of mould or mildew behind your walls.

Roof: your roof is very susceptible to water damage, so be sure you don’t have any loose shingles or signs of water damage. Do a thorough check of your roof twice a year, but after a major storm, a quick glance out a window at your roof will give you a good indication. 

These checks should be done during dry weather and again during or after it rains so that you can really see any current or potential water damage spots. Keep yourself and your home dry this weekend!