Public Art and Opportunities for Artists

The City of Calgary is focusing on giving local artists a chance to show their talent on a large scale in an effort to continue to establish Calgary as an artistic hub in Canada. From the Peace Bridge to the giant murals throughout downtown, we have seen Calgary go from a run-of-the-mill city to a tourist hotspot that has more than just the Rocky Mountains to offer. The city is now looking to expand these pieces of art along International Avenue as well as in Chinatown and are opening it up to the public.

Firstly, the city is looking for solo artists or teams to submit their qualifications to develop artistic designs along International Avenue. “We are seeking emerging artists who are looking to expand their practice to the public realm and have ties to Calgary and the Greater Forest Lawn area.” They will be selecting up to three artists for this project and the goals are:


  • Create a sense of place in the community.
  • Be visually or audibly interesting.
  • Engage pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
  • Be reflective of the community.


This project offers a lot of creative freedom to many different types of artists. If you’re interested in applying, check out the Request for Qualifications form.


The city has also opened up a residency, giving artists a chance to become embedded in the culture of Chinatown. You will be able to explore the rich heritage and engage with the community to seek what they envision for the future. “The selected artist(s) will broadly explore the history, culture, built environment, social and political issues relevant to Calgary’s Chinatown through an intensive 5-day program hosted in November that will highlight different aspects of the neighbourhood’s identity. Following this programmed week, artists will be invited back for a 3-month residency to build relationships, research and develop new work in relation to the focus of this residency.”


The Calgary Chinatown Artist Residency is a partnership between the City of Calgary’s Public Art Program and The New Gallery. Artists will be supported with the time, space and resources to participate in this residency, with up to three artists being selected to participate. If this project speaks to you, find out more information on how to apply here.


Both of these communities have a rich history within the City of Calgary and there is no time like the present to embrace it and help create something that will be seen and appreciated by not just the residents, but also those who seek out arts and culture. Calgary will continue its journey to turn our city into an artistic hub that encompasses the many different cultures and people who live here. Art can help bridge the gap between cultures and create a bond between those who may identify with various parts of other cultures. One step at a time, we are continually expanding Calgary into a more homogeneous, cultured city that will soon be a destination coveted by many.