September home maintenance tasks

In September, everyone slowly makes their way back into the city from vacation and pulls out the old calendar to start back into a work routine. It just so happens that September is also the perfect month for home maintenance tasks. The heat of the summer is over but there is still no snow to hinder your plans. So, it’s time to dust off those tools, find your work gloves and get to work! Here are some top September chores that your home and yard might just be needing:

The House

While you were away vacationing on the beach or hiking in the mountains, your home may have suffered some damage that you are unaware of. We suggest you assess the house from top to bottom to ensure you are ready for the cold winter months to come.

  •  Check the roof for leaks and loose shingles.
  • Clean out your gutters and check for cracked pipes.
  • Consider replacing cracked sealant around windows.
  • Check the seals under doors and look for any cracks in the foundation.

Winterize Your Yard

Sadly, it is already time to put away those lounge chairs, patio tables and flower pots. But before you know it, you’ll be finding the taboggans and snowshoes for fun winter days with the family. To ensure your belongings are in tip-top shape for next year, follow these steps:

  • Clean your furniture and outdoor belongings before putting them in storage. Most will be fine with warm water and soap but check the cleaning instructions before attempting.
  • Store your items in a sealed space, such as a garage or garden shed, where they are safe from the outdoor elements. Plastic can break easily when it is cold, and wood should be protected from moisture whenever possible.
  • Forget about them until next spring!

Garage Sale

Every garage needs to be completely cleaned once a year anyway, so why not sell the things you don’t need?! This is a great way to assess what you have and re-evaluate what you really use. To host the best yard sale, you will need to:

  • Clean the items for sale.
  • Ensure the item works properly and has all the appropriate pieces.
  • Organize the items into piles for easy viewing and perhaps into price categories.
  • ADVERTISE! Put up signs around the neighbourhood, buy a small space in the newspaper or make a Facebook event. Do whatever you can to get the word out so people flock to buy your items.

Doing one or all of these suggestions will definitely keep you busy for the next few weeks! Prioritize your list by the order of importance and weather permitting. If you see snow in the forecast, maintaining your home may push the garage sale until after the snow melts, or perhaps into the new year. That’s ok! Do what you can this September to help make your home a more clean, organized and safe environment.