Small Business Week: Advantages of doing business in Airdrie

Owning and running a small business is an age-old idea but it has become increasingly popular in the last 10-15 years. More and more people are deciding to quit their 9-5 job and dive into their passion, whether that be starting a coffee shop, making jewellery or selling clothing. In Canada, we pride ourselves in buying local and supporting our neighbours whenever possible. If you are looking to start your own small business, consider Airdrie for your home base. There are countless benefits to doing your business here, so listen up:

  1. Accessibility: Airdrie is a growing city located only 15 minutes north of the bustling Calgary metropolis. This means it is only a half an hour drive to Calgary’s downtown, a short drive to the airport, and an even shorter drive to Crossiron Mills and the New Horizon mall. It is conveniently located on Highway 2 so all traffic going from Edmonton, Red Deer, Olds and Calgary on this route will pass by the Airdrie. New areas are constantly being developed, allowing for more businesses to start up on the QEII pathway. Don’t forget that Airdrie is located only a short one hour drive from the Rocky Mountains, allowing views of these majestic beauties on clear days. Airdrie recently expanded its city limits and it now includes an additional 12,640 acres– get your spot now!
  1. Growing (Young) Population: Did you know that Airdrie is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada? With over 60,000 people, this city still has all the amenities with that ‘small city’ feel. Almost 80 per centof the population here is under the age of 50, making it a great hub for families and young couples to settle down and grow with the city. The youthful population makes for a great workforce and should lead to a fruitful economy.
  1. No Taxes! Yes, you read that right – there is no business tax charged in the city of Airdrie. This major tax advantage has small businesses flocking to the area, lining up to see those savings go directly into their bank account.
  1. Quality Lifestyle: The city is thriving – literally. There is strong municipal leadership, expanding industries, growing population and business opportunities galore! The land is available, the prices are affordable, and the audience is there.

If you’re not already sold on starting your business in Airdrie, here is what came out of the city’s 2018 Business Satisfaction Survey:

  •    86 per cent of businesses rate Airdrie as a good place to do business
  • 69 per cent of businesses say Airdrie was their first choice
  • 60 per cent of businesses who responded are home-based


Of course with any business, we recommend you do your research before jumping into anything. Research the market, the population, the current business trends. Consider starting your small business in Airdrie – so far, the perks seem pretty good!