The CBE Guide to Back to School

September 3rdis just around the corner and with that comes the first day of school for most Calgarians. The Calgary Board of Education wants to do its part to help make the transition back to school as easy as possible for both students and parents. They have created a short guide to help you get back into the swing of things after these gloriously warm summer months. Time to return to the city from your camping trips and week-long lake vacations – we’re ready to start up another school year. Follow this checklist so that you and your family are prepared when September finally arrives:

  • Prepay your student fees online here or at your child’s school prior to classes starting.
  • Download the app MyBusStop for real-time GPS tracking, a map of bus stops and the route schedule. You will never have to worry about missing the bus because you always know where it is and whether it is running behind or not. This app will also allow you to wait inside as long as possible during the winter months when the chance of buses running a little behind are more likely.
  • Volunteer in your child’s classroom. The CBE has seen that students who have their parents volunteer in class tend to learn better. While not everyone is able to volunteer, you can still support your child at home by asking about their day, helping with their homework and displaying their work in areas that are visible to everyone.
  • You can find your school’s calendar here. Most schools in Calgary will be running on the same schedule, but make sure to check if your child’s school is one with a modified calendar.
  • For up to the minute updates on snow days and other events, follow the Calgary Board of Education on Twitter @yyCBEdu.
  • Every school will be teaching English, math, science, social studies, physical education, arts and languages that fall under the curriculum set out by the government of Alberta, but every school is slightly different in terms of their focus on optional programs and activities. You can always check to see which school will suit the needs of your child and enrol there for coming years.

The first day, even week, of school can be hectic and just getting through the school year can be stressful for everyone. Take advantage of the resources set out by the Calgary Board of Education to help your transition go a bit more smoothly this year. Following this list of tasks pre-September will give you just a few less things to worry about come the first week of school. If you’re a planner and you’re already looking forward to September 2020, you can visit the Calgary Board of Education’s websiteto start looking into registration for schools, buses and other programs for your child(ren).


Welcome back, Calgary!