Top 15 Tips for Home Fire Prevention

It’s Fire Prevention Week in Canada, and the Calgary Fire Department and the City of Calgary are reminding citizens about the importance of fire safety at home. According to the City of Calgary, kitchen fires and cooking are the leading causes of injury in the home, so it’s important to be aware of any possible hazards in your home. Here’s the top 15 tips for prevention at home.

  1. Make sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home
  2. Ensure you test your detectors monthly
  3. Remember that detectors over ten years old need to be replaced
  4. Never leave cooking unattended
  5. Check for worn or cracked electrical cords on appliances
  6. Small appliances that are not being used should be left unplugged
  7. Gas appliances and fireplaces should be inspected annually
  8. Never overload your electrical outlets
  9. Don’t run wires or cords under carpets or rugs
  10. Lamps should be clear of fabrics or anything that can overheat or catch fire
  11. Bedroom doors should be closed at night (to prevent fires from spreading)
  12. Ensure all of your windows can be opened easily
  13. Your furnace and hot water tank should be clear of combustibles or obstructions
  14. Ensure you are not storing gasoline in your garage
  15. Ensure your garage is kept clear of sawdust or wood shavings, and that no cars are left idling in there

Information about fire prevention and Fire Prevention Week 2016 can be found on the City of Calgary website, including information on checking detectors, how to attend open houses and how to enter their social media contest for the week.