Welcome, Spring!

In classic Calgary fashion, our spring weather has been all over the map. The first official day of spring in 2024 started on March 19th, meaning it’s time to show a bit of extra love to your home as the weather warms up! Here as some easy but essential tips to ensure your home is ready for the spring and summer season: 

Maintain Humidifiers  

During the winter, the dry prairie air can cause a lot of irritation, making humidifiers very common in households. Over time, the repeated evaporation of water will leave mineral deposits in the humidifier, along with dust and other debris. To ensure that you continue to breathe the cleanest air possible, consider incorporating anti-scale products into your humidifier maintenance routine. Additionally, if your home is equipped with a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), it’s essential to include HRV maintenance in your back-to-spring home care regimen. 

Check your Eavestroughs 

As the snow starts to thaw, it’s essential to verify that the resulting water drains away from your residence. Confirming that the drainage systems are well-maintained and directed away from the foundation is pivotal for effective surface water management around your home.  

There are some tips that may be seasonal, but many should be on your monthly maintenance checklist: 

Test smoke and CO2 detectors 

Check your smoke and CO2 detectors to ensure that both are functioning properly for your safety, and peace of mind. Check for dust or debris that accumulate throughout the month, and ensure the batteries have sufficient power.  

Inspect furnace air filters 

Spring can be a dusty time, especially in Calgary. Ensuring your air filters are clean will not only improve the air quality within your home, but clean air filters can help minimize wear and tear of the equipment. 

Clean hood range filter 

Like furnace air filters, a clean hood range will help increase overall ventilation in your home. A clean hood ranges help reduce the chance of grease building up on the appliance and keeps your cooking space clean!